Diwali takes over Marist


As one pushes through the heavy glass doors of the Lowell Thomas building, one’s eye will automatically notice the Diwali exhibition currently taking place. “Diwali is like our Christmas,” said Marist Graduate student Saranya Radhakrishnan. “On this day Lord Rama returned from his exile and he slayed a demon named Ravan. Ravan kidnapped the Lord’s wife and in our culture this proves that good is greater than evil. We celebrate the day by making Rangoli (Sand Art) and making lamps.” Radhakrishnan concluded by saying “We organize this event so we can increase and share our culture with the undergrad students. As graduate students we don’t interact much. An event like this gives the opportunity not only for us to meet you but for other people to celebrate our culture with us.” Despite being affiliated with India; Diwali is also an official holiday in Caribbean countries like Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.


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