Art students paint and sculpt their way to the end of the semester

Dozens of studio art and digital media students are in a frenzy working on their final projects. They’ve been working on sculptures, paintings, and computer designs all semester, but now they have just a few weeks to transform their best creative conception into a final product.

Under the supervision of Ed Smith, a professor of art, students in his 3-D design class are hard at work on their final projects in and around the Steel Plant studios located on the other side of Route 9 across from the center of the Marist campus. These studios, relatively unknown to non-digital art or design majors, often host art galleries and exhibitions displaying student work. The studios are equipped with canvases for painting, digital computer labs and even sculpting tables and machinery.Studio1

Frank Bellis, a sophomore majoring in studio art with a minor in business, is one of the students making use of the extensive array of artistic resources. With a protective welding helmet, goggles and gloves, Bellis is sculpting an extravagant monument…for a cricket.

“This all started when a friend and I killed a cricket in our class,” Bellis said, recounting how he came up with the idea for his project. “Then we made a monument out of wood for it. Now I found all different pieces of metal and am welding it together for my final project.”

Bellis laughs about how he ended up with this idea for his final project. He even admits it is a bit unorthodox, but says he will treat it the same as any other final project in his other classes.

“What started out as a joke is now my final project, so now it’s getting serious,” he said.

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