Colin Thompson, the Most Interesting Man in the World

He doesn’t always go to college, but when he does he prefers balancing college and being a professional race car driver as well.

From Marist Freshman to Professional Race-Car driver, John Colin Thompson has had quite the impressive past couple of years. Thompson travels the world from both in and out of his racing season. In the past month of so Thompson has spent two weeks in Germany interacting with companies like Porsche and McLaren.

The interesting story of Thompson begins at the age of five when he was first introduced into racing. As Colin made the transformation from karts to open-wheel cars, he realized he wanted to become a factory driver. In Thompson’s freshman year at Marist College he began his dream by racing a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama.

Colin was introduced into racing by his father, John who raced in the 80’s which goes to show racing is in the blood line. “The bond that racing and my father formed have been super helpful and it really makes me want to succeed even more,” Thompson went on to say, “It’s really cool to have people know that your dad was also a driver and you can meet some cool people because of it.”

Colin Thompson with his father and mother pre-race.

Colin Thompson with his father and mother pre-race.

Thompson began his career at Marist College as a major of Business with a minor in Psychology but was on the road often because of the demands from being a professional race car driver. “It was difficult at first being away so often from Marist and trying to balance my school work as well as focus on racing,” Thompson explained.

“I was essentially like the other athletes at Marist in the way that I had to miss some class but it wasn’t justified in some of the professor’s eyes and I didn’t receive tutors on the road.” Thompson eventually was able to figure out the balance of work and racing midway through his first semester seeing extreme success in classes. However, Colin decided to leave Marist after his freshman year because that year he was one of the best drivers of his competition and wanted to focus on racing.

It seems as though that decision was the right decision because in 2014 Thompson was crowned the 2014 U.S. Champion of the GT3 Cup Challenge. “Not having to worry about school work certainly opened up time for me to clear my head and focus on racing,” Thompson said.

Thompson is now racing in 2015 in the Pirelli World Challenge Championship looking to win another championship with a Porsche GT Cup Spec Class. Thompson has races aired on Fox Sports One and NBC Sports Network which are often labeled Formula One Racing when aired.

Thompson with his dog Cooper after another win in his Porsche.

Thompson with his dog Cooper after another win in his Porsche.

Thompson is fueled for success in his future of professional race car driving with an eye on becoming a factory driver for Porsche in his future.

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