This week in news: 10/26-11/2

After a weekend of absurd costumes and equally absurd partying, Marist students already have their sights set on Thanksgiving break in three weeks. Meanwhile, it was a rather big week in news and the Outside the Bubble section of the Red Fox Report has you covered from A-Z.

  1. CNBC broadcasts fourth Republican Debate
    The fourth Republican debate took place this previous Wednesday and it was not short of controversy. Before the debate even started, Ben Carson and Donald Trump were threatening to pull out if CNBC did not make the debate two hours long. This demand came after the three hour debate CNN held on September 16th. The debate focused on the economy of the country but pundits criticized how the debate was conducted by the moderators. This forced RNC Chairman Renice Preibus not only to suspend the RNC’s partnership with NBC but to write a letter claiming the debate was “conducted in bad faith”. The graph below highlights how the candidates stand.monkeynbcgop_6a578e1c3e200dce7e03dcb4877f589c.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000
  2. Kansas City Royals win the World Series
    It was a thrilling five game series but the Kansas City Royals were just too strong for the New York Mets. After losing in seven games last year to the San Francisco Giants, the Royals avenged their loss. The series got off to a crazy start in game one as Alcides Escobar started off with a lead off inside-the-park home run in a 14 inning clash. Kansas City took the first games of the series before the Mets took game three at home. Kansas City then took games four and five playing some quality baseball in the process. The Mets were not only out hit by the Royals but also out pitched by Kansas City’s stellar bullpen. Christian Colon, Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer made key plays to secure Kansas City’s first title since 1985.
  3. Russian Airliner crashes along Sinai Peninsula
    A Russian passenger jet mysteriously broke into various pieces while over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. All 224 aboard the flight were pronounced dead just minutes after the flight took off from Sharm el-Sheikh airport. The plane flew over a remote area that is currently in control by Islamic insurgency. Hours after the incident, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was revenge for the Russian airstrikes against Syrian militants. As a result, airlines are now avoiding flying over the Sinai Peninsula.
  4. 10 oz of eating red meat per week increases bowel cancer by two fifths
    A new study from Oxford University claims that eating 10 oz of red meat can increase bowel cancer by two fifths. This claim comes days after the World Health Organization’s study saying that processed meat is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Scientists state that eating less than one 10 oz steak per week can give you a 42% chance of developing bowel cancer. The World Health Organization also state that adults should eat at least 25g of fiber per day.
  5. AKP Party regain Parliament majority in Turkey
    Tayyip Erdogan’s party AKP regained parliament majority in a crucial election in Turkey this weekend. AKP won nearly 50% of the vote and have much on their agenda. The country has a faulty economy and Erdogan will look to smooth things over with Kurdish Rebels after weeks of violence. National security is also on the agenda just weeks after the deadly bombings at the Ankara central station killing 100+ people. ISIS claim to be behind the attack leaving the citizens of Turkey in constant fear.

  6. Man wins Halloween with Aladdin costume
    Think you had the best costume this Halloween? Well think again. A youtube prankster caused Havoc amongst New York City streets with his Aladdin costume. A man by the name of Jessy went all out with his Aladdin costume. The Youtuber created what looks to be a normal Aladdin costume but he made his carpet out of using cloth and skateboard giving citizens of New York City a real shock as he cruised down the streets. Take a look and judge for yourself. Not everyone can pull this off. This guy’s costume oozes panache and in my books he took the award for the best costume this Halloween.

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