This week in news: 10/12 – 10/19

While a majority of Marist students were stuck in the library during midterms week, there were an array of things that happened outside of the Marist community. The Red Fox Report: Outside the Marist Bubble is here to recap what you might have missed while preparing for your tests:

  1. Democratic Party’s first presidential debate

Tuesday, October 13th was the night of the first presidential debate for the Democratic Party in the 2016 presidential race. Vice President Joe Biden’s decision to not participate in the debate is causing serious doubt amongst voters as to if he will even enter the race. Although there were five other contenders, much of the focus was spent between candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In addition to climbing the polls to catch Clinton, Sanders has also criticized the Democratic National Committee’s debate schedule this year with Martin O’Malley, claiming it is too sparse. The current schedule arranged for six debates in comparison to 2008, where there were 26 debates and forums.

  1. Republican Party tries to sort out leadership issue

Republicans in the House of Representatives continue their search for a new Speaker of the House. Party leaders have relentlessly urged Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to run for the position as of late. If Ryan doesn’t take the position the party risks a further division, as numerous legislators and representatives are expected to compete to be House speaker.

However, this comes from a party with already widespread sympathies. If Ryan did choose to run, and were elected Speaker of the House, would he be able to narrow the base of the GOP and instill a new type of leadership?

  1. MLB Postseason

The Mets eliminated the Dodgers from the playoffs Thursday in Los Angeles winning their National League Division Series 3-2. Daniel Murphy’s solo home-run off Zach Greinke in the top of the 6th gave the Mets a 3-2 lead; Jason deGrom was granted the win, extending his postseason record to 2-0.  You can see a recap of game five here:

The Mets advanced to the National League Championship Series, and after their victory over the Chicago Cubs last night they currently hold a 2-0 lead in the series. Their next game is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th at 8:07 p.m. Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals also advanced in the postseason to the American League Championship Series. Currently the Royals lead the series 2-0. The teams meet next in Toronto, Ontario Monday at 8:07 p.m.

  1. European Union plan for Syrian refugees/Status of Syria currently

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates roughly 9 million refugees have fled Syria since the Civil War began in 2011. The European Union continues to discuss the most effective way to handle the massive influx of Syrian refugees. At an EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recommended working closely with Turkey, a non-member state in the EU. She also met with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President, who is seeking EU membership.

The EU is looking to slow the mass migration of Syrian refugees. Europe is the end goal for many since it appears a safe haven. Many migrants travel through Turkey, the EU has proposed a plan of action to support Turkey and secure its now-permeable border.

  1. Fantasy football scandal in Nevada

Nevada, the only state in the U.S. where betting on sports is legal, decided Thursday playing fantasy sports should be considered gambling.  The National Gaming Control Board has stated websites offering fantasy sports are required to obtain appropriate state gambling licenses; such sites have stopped operating until they acquire the proper legal documents.  D-Nev., Harry Reid has supported the NGCB’s opinion on this matter.

The legislative change comes as a result of increasing amounts of criticisms over the legitimacy of their businesses and the lack of regulation on these sites, namely DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. In response to the new regulations the two sites said they would terminate their operations in Nevada.  D-Nev., Harry Reid has

  1. Boy arrested for making clock meets President of Sudan

Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who brought a clock to school and had it mistaken for a bomb and, who was later arrested for doing so, is scheduled to visit the White House this weekend. The incident sparked another brief wave of xenophobia in America, one that may be returning sooner rather than later. Mohamed tweeted about his arrival in Sudan:

The boy also recently met with the President of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been accused of numerous human rights violations and currently has warrants out for his arrest from the International Criminal Court.

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