College students urged to get flu shots

You wake up one morning and you cannot seem to lift your head off of the pillow. You have a pounding headache, stuffy nose, cough, and feel feverish. Your roommate recently has come down with the flu and you are petrified you may have come down with it yourself. However, all of this pain and suffering could have been avoided with a simple flu shot.

College can be a virtual petri dish for breeding germs that could cause major illnesses. College dorms provide for students to live in close proximity to one another sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, and unfortunately germs. With the winter season approaching, so is flu season. College students should take every precaution to prevent catching the flu or spreading it to their fellow students.

Avoid having to call Health Services the morning you wake up feeling dreadful and having to make the trip to Rite Aid to stock up on costly medicine by getting your flu shot today. Rite Aid on North Road, just walking distance from campus, is offering flu shots for just ten dollars to Marist College students. As someone who is always sick, I went to get the shot and asked the pharmacist about a couple of flu shot myths.

The process to receive my flu shot took no time at all. I was required to fill out a form about my personal information and a brief medical history. I then paid my ten dollars and got called into a back room with the pharmacist who would be administering me my flu shot.

Flu shot information given by Rite Aid on North Road for those who get their vaccination.

I am typically afraid of shots, but Jane Balasiano, a Rite Aid pharmacist, made me feel right aid ease. The shot was quick and virtually painless. I asked Jane if I would be feeling sick at all from the shot, as many believe that the flu shot can make you sick. Jane explained to me that getting sick from the flu shot is not possible because flu shots do not have an active agent in it like typical vaccines. A person who would fall sick with the flu soon after they had received their vaccination had to have previously come in contact with the virus and would not have been protected at that time. Jane stressed that it is crucial to get vaccinated early in the season.

The peak of flu season is typically around February, which makes now the prime time to get vaccinated. Jane informed me that the strain of the flu the vaccination is intended for is predicted to be correct this year. However, since there has been no flu illnesses reported yet, it is not sure if the vaccination is effective. Jane stated the importance of college students to get vaccinated before Thanksgiving break. When reuniting with friends from home a whole new variety of germs will be spread and chances of catching the flu are higher. Rite Aid pharmacists will be coming to Marist College on November 4th to administer flu shots on campus so be sure to get yours then.

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