10 apple-inspired recipes from Marist students

Okay, Marist students. You’ve done your apple picking (we know this because of the endless stream of girls in flannels posing with apples on our Facebook newsfeeds.) Now what?

If you are starting to feel like you will never make a dent in those dozens of apples that you and your friends have complied over the past few weeks, fear no more. When Marist students were asked what their favorite apple-inspired food was, the results were mouthwatering.

Say goodbye to the traditional, boring apple pie you were considering making and hello to the following top ten, easy-to-make recipes, provided to you by your very own peers. These recipes will have you using up your apples in no time!

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Photo by Stacey at SouthernBite.com

1. Apple Dumplings
Madison Sikorski, senior

Between the warm, gooey inside and the crunchy, cinnamon coated outside—its no wonder these are one of Sikorski’s favorite desserts. “I’m not even a huge fan of apples,” Sikiorski says, “but these are just so good, and really easy to make.”

Thank you Pinterest, for introducing us to our new best friend. You can find the recipe here.


Photo by Jade Unmann

2. Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes
Jade Unmann, senior

These cupcakes are not only something you’ll enjoy eating, but baking as well. The first time Unmann made these cupcakes was on her Dad’s birthday a few years ago and says that it is now one of her family’s favorite desserts.

“My Dad loves everything apple, but I wanted to make something different than just apple pie,” Unmann said, “He loved them! Now, I make them every year for his birthday.”

If you want to follow the recipe that Unmann uses for her delicious Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes, click here.

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Photo by Robyn at AddAPinch.com

3. Apple “Waldorf” Salad
Perry Kehmna, junior

Not all apple-themed recipes have to be desserts! Kehmna was quick to say that his favorite recipe involving apples was his grandma’s Waldorf Salad. “She always brings it whenever we have a cookout or a family party,” Kehmna states, “It’s really good, I’ve actually started making it at school now, although it’s not as good as when she makes it.”

This healthy alternative to using up your apples makes a great lunch or dinner.  Click here to find the recipe that Kehmna follows (when he has to try and imitate his Grandma’s recipe!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 5.13.37 PM

Photo by Avery Decker

4. Apple Bread

Avery Decker, senior

Move over banana bread, this apple bread is about to take the spotlight. Decker says that this recipe has been something his mom has been making for his entire life.

“We got the recipe from our old neighbors before we moved,” Decker said, “My mom has been using the same recipe for over twenty years without changing a single thing because its honestly that good.”

Find Decker’s mom’s original recipe here!

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.32.16 PM

Photo by Alexis Stauder

5. Apple Spiced Sangria
Alexis Stauder, senior

Stauder and her housemates followed this recipe for the first time earlier this month, (yes, Marist security—they are all 21!) and were amazed by how easy and delicious it was. This fall-inspired sangria is the perfect excuse to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

“We were having a few friends over and thought this would be a really fun drink to have,” said Stauder, “It was a huge hit! A lot of people have already asked me for the recipe.

If you are also curious where to find the recipe that Stauder used to make this sensational sangria, click here.

6. Apple and Bacon Stuffed Sweet PotatoesScreen Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.23.30 PM
Jonathon Ferris, freshman

Bacon lovers, brace yourselves. This twist on the traditional sweet potato casserole is one of Ferris’s favorites. His mom made it for the first time last Thanksgiving, but Ferris says he can’t wait until she makes it again. “I couldn’t stop going back for more,” Ferris laughed, “I don’t think I have ever tasted anything better in my entire life.”

What more is there to say? Make this. Immediately. Find the recipe here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.09.46 PM

Photo by Laura at InspiredTaste.com

7. Apple Crisp
Micaela Lily, senior

As a big fan of apple crisp, Lily is a firm believer that her mom’s recipe is the best. Lily’s mom has been making her this apple crisp every fall season since Lily was young. “I follow her recipe every time I make it now,” Lily states, “My friends love it, they ask me to make it for them all the time.”

Lucky for us, Lily’s mom is generous enough to share her family recipe! You can find it here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.27.32 PM

Photo by Julie at JulieBanner.com

8. Apple Ravioli
Gabriella Gamba, junior

If you like to play around with classic Italian dishes, this recipe is perfect for you. Apple ravioli quick, easy, light, and most of all, AMAZING. Gamba said pear ravioli was what inspired her and her family to try and make apple ravioli at home. “Its kind of become a tradition in my family over the past few years,” states Gamba, “We usually only make it during this time of the year, so when we do—we savor every bite!”

Check it out here. You know you want to.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.14.27 PM

Photo by Heather and MoritzFineBlogDesigns.com

9. Applesauce “Puffs”
Jessica Heckman, senior

Applesauce puffs are the perfect treat for any time of the day. Similar to a cinnamon-sugar donut, they are a great for a small dessert or even a tasty breakfast. Heckman says that her and her mom have been making them together every year since she was in middle school. “They are really easy and fun to make,” Heckman said, “My mom loves making them, we almost always have them at our house during the entire fall season.”

Curious to try what these applesauce puffs are all about? You can find the recipe that Heckman and her mom use here.

Photo by Danielle at LiveWellBakeOften.com

10. Apple Oatmeal Cookies
Ashley Chomat, senior

These soft, chewy apple oatmeal cookies are about to become your new favorite cookie this fall. “My housemates and I have made these every weekend since we found the recipe. We actually had to give some away last weekend so we would stop eating them,” Chomat laughs, “they’re addicting.”

If you want to become housemate of the week month, click here.

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