Swackett3, weather app to aid in seasonal transition

It’s that awkward time of year; one cannot quite tell if it’s yet summer or fall weather.  Upon waking up in the early morning hours it is rather chilly, especially in cities with comparable weather to here in Poughkeepsie. Bundling up for the day seems essential, but by noon one may find themselves sweating as the heat rises. It is difficult to decide if it’s still appropriate weather for your favorite summer activities like going to the beach or laying out in the sun, but perhaps fall allergy season is upon us and it’s best to stay indoors for those affected.

 Although one may have watched the weather report on the morning news or checked your traditional iPhone weather app, viewers and users may feel unprepared for the day’s weather conditions.

The traditional weather app for iPhone leaves a lot to be desired with just merely the high and low temperatures of the day along with potential hourly forecasts. Even typical weather reporters on television have a tendency to provide a lack on information for the every day weather needs. The essentials are reported, but not necessarily the desired information on how to adhere to the daily weather conditions.

Swackett3 is the app for iPhone and Android that can remedy weather related qualms. This robust app makes it possible to not only dress for the current weather, but also be prepared for the weather conditions ahead that may affect day-to-day activity.

This is the interactive menu of the app, Swackett3.

This is the interactive menu of the app, Swackett3.

Swackett3 was released in 2011 and with 30,000 downloads in the first day the app has taken off. Swackett3 does not just prepare you for the weather as you walk out the door for the day, but provides outfit suggestions for right now, throughout the day, and into the night.

The app is extremely user friendly with an easy to understand menu in order to get a variety of weather information. On the lifestyle page one can see on a scale rating from 1-10 about how the weather is effecting activities like outdoor fitness and sports, commuting via bus or car, beach and marine life, gardening, and interestingly enough home energy efficiency and fuel economy.

Health needs that are affected by weather are also a part of the app. Any sort of aches and pains, flu and cold, or allergies are also given a 1-10 scale rating based on the weather and its effect that day.

Random features on the app include a word of the day, a day in history, and inspirational quotes. The app also has a humorous dog-walking feature that rates how one’s dog may enjoy or dislike the weather.

 Although the app is seemingly foolproof, reviews are rather mixed. One review recounts the application not providing realistic outfit choices saying, “I love this app! It tells me what I should wear based on the weather which is helpful because I usually get confused on that. Lately I have been seeing some weird outfits that I would never wear though. I kinda just want the basic outfits. They help me a lot more.”

 Despite a few kinks, several reviews rave about the app, “This is a weather application unlike any other that is currently out there. Your average run of the mill apps out [there] for weather forecasts can be helpful. However, this app does that and a whole lot more!”

 While Swackett3 is extremely impressive with its place on the Top Charts, Weather section in the Apple App Store and download statistics, it is not the only in it’s category. Apps like Weathertron, Forsee, and Dark Sky all aim to provide a more comprehensive and efficient way of delivering your daily weather report, helping you make the best of it.

The days of cursing the weatherman or woman while getting caught in the rain are over. The wave of new technology and ingenuity are going to shape the new era of weather reporting that is already making its way.

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