September, October or November: Which Month has the best Wedding Weather?

Photo of wedding

Tarrytown, N.Y. – Autumn is commonly viewed as the refreshing transition between summer and winter.  It is also prime time for couples to transition between engagement and marriage.

If you look beyond autumn’s fallen leaves, crisp air and pumpkin spice lattes, you will notice a great deal of brides and grooms each hoping for beautiful weather to make their wedding days even more memorable.

The Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center hosted the Lowenwirth-Farrell wedding reception Saturday night.  Multiple attendees are still in the process of planning their ideal autumn weddings. 

The season provides such a wide range of weather, therefore introducing multiple concerns and proposes a higher risk for the bride and groom.  Generally, September holds on to the leftover summer heat whereas November sometimes strongly pushes brisk and chilly temperatures that can easily be mistaken for winter.

The fact that it was 82 degrees and humid on the day of the Lowenwirth-Farrell wedding concerned Greg Biddy; the best man was apprehensive, “I hope the humidity doesn’t make people uncomfortable.”  He was under the impression the bride and groom had arranged the wedding for September 19th so the temperature would be cool and comfortable.  This way those in suits and tuxedos would not sweat or feel overheated during the pictures and cocktail hour.

One advantage to having an autumn wedding is flowers are in bloom.  While there may be less winter weddings, florists must still meet the demand of their clients and supply them with the flowers of their choice.

Technically speaking it may be more cost-effective than winter weddings.  The colder weather mean flowers have to be imported, so florists must spend more money ordering various flowers that are unable to survive in colder weather.

A future bride-to-be this coming November, Erin Miller, is very anxious about the weather on her wedding day.  Her and her fiancé, Chris Celletti, will be tying the knot outside and celebrating afterwards with an outdoor reception.

“There will be a pavilion at our reception in case of stormy weather, but it’s nerve wracking because then everyone will be staying under the pavilion.  Anytime someone walks out from under it they will be walking through wet grass and mud,” Miller says apprehensively.  As a bride in the near future, she knows mud does not mix well with a white wedding dress.

We tend to experience colder weather in November, as it is the last full month of autumn before frigid winter temperatures arrive in December.  The Weather Channel displays historical monthly averages ranging from 36 to 54 degrees.  To avoid the more bitter, winter-like temperatures, the Celletti-Miller wedding will take place in early November.

“We’ll be happy with the weather as long as there’s no rain,” Celletti confirms.

But, if September temperatures are too warm for you and your significant other, and November is too cold for your likings, you will most likely find a happy medium in the month of October.

Stacey Sattler and Keith Updegrove, friends of the groom, found this route to be most satisfying.  The couple is also engaged and will be married in October 2016.  Sattler says, “I originally liked October because it will be a little cooler than today [September 19th], and less humidity will make my hair less frizzy.”  This is something her bridesmaids will all be able to relate to.

Since Updegrove and Sattler are marrying in early October, they hope for clear, sunny weather in the low 60s.  Nature will provide fallen leaves and prevailing, bare tree branches to complement their wedding’s playful Shakespearean theme, A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream.

The most recent newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Farrell, had a simple idea for perfect wedding weather.  Like most couples they wanted to avoid rain and cold temperatures that appear imminent; luckily, they were able to circumvent both.

The bride, who now goes by Kristen Farrell, describes the big day exclaiming, “abundant sunshine.  Can’t get better than that!”

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