Ready for the Fall

Fall. It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated season of the year.

Though winter holidays like Christmas and summer boasts the freedom from school, there’s something about that time of year when the trees are changing colors and everything seems to adopt a pumpkin flavored option that gets people hooked.

Unfortunately, the weather represented this past week has seemed to erase most people’s hope that that coveted time of year will be coming anytime soon.

With the temperatures dancing around the eighties and reaching up into the nineties on frequent occasions, it’s hard to get in the mood for sweater weather and apple picking in the comfortable chill.

Needless to say, this has not gone by unnoticed by residents of the Poughkeepsie area. In the midst of these harsh, unexpected conditions, the public seems to have reached a general consensus: The heat needs to stop.

“It came out of nowhere,” says Arlington resident, Pat Raynaud, 46, in regards to the temperature. “I didn’t think we would have to worry about this in the middle of September.”

What makes things even more difficult to deal with is the fact that the Poughkeepsie area had already experienced a long and warm summer in terms of temperature. While there were, of course, pleasant days, most of the season was spent in the comfort of air conditioned homes. After a time like this, many can’t wait to be told we should all be preparing to bundle up.

Though Raynaud certainly has his issues with the weather, his son, Ryan, seems to have it much worse.

“I play outside when I get home from school,” Ryan, 8, says. “It’s too hot though so I don’t stay out for too long.”

The heat has left many people craving the comfort of air conditioning. Cutting down on outdoor activities for children is enough of a problem in this country without the heat making it downright impossible.

“It’s not fun,” Ryan puts it simply. “I would rather be inside where it’s cool.”

Children aren’t the only ones affected by having limited time outside. As one can well imagine, it’s difficult to exercise outside in these conditions as well. While there are a plethora of gym options in the area, that doesn’t always suit people’s needs.

Sun beats down on Poughkeepsie residents.

Sun beats down on Poughkeepsie residents.

“I definitely prefer running outside,” says Rylee Jayne, 19, a resident of Poughkeepsie. “The weather’s been throwing me off for the last week or so.”

Jayne, an employee at Mike Artega’s Fitness Center, understands as well as anyone the importance of physical exercise and has been frustrated by the lack of accessibility of the outdoors.

Still, the heat hasn’t snuffed out the faith of those in the area that Fall will arrive at some point, bringing with it the activities and weather that people look forward to all year.

No matter who it is, Fall seems to have something to offer everyone. Whether it’s a certain event, holiday, or even just the weather itself, people can find something to look forward to.

“There’s a haunted house just down Route 9 that we go to each year,” Raynaud says. “So that’s definitely been on our minds.”

Even something as simple as a beloved flavor can get people in the mood for autumn.

“I’m one of those people that’s obsessed with pumpkin flavored things,” Jayne says, laughing. “So I’m thrilled that that’s all coming out again.”

With these positive thoughts in mind, it seems that residents have reason to hope. According to current weather forecasts, it’s expected that, in the next couple of weeks, we will be seeing the top temperatures reach only up to the seventies.

“I hear we should be coming out of it soon,” says Raynaud. “I’m kind of scared to say that out loud, but I’ll be thrilled if it’s actually true.”

The official start date of Fall is set to be September 23. We’ll see soon enough of the weather reflects the official change of seasons.

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