Nice weather makes way for good business at Rossi’s Deli

Recent sunny skies and warm weather have caused an increase in sales and customer satisfaction at Rossi’s Deli.


Today may be the first day of autumn, but the Hudson Valley is still witnessing summer-like conditions, making outdoor activities that much more appealing to its inhabitants. These activities include swimming, going to the park, and bathing in the sun. However, many other activities can reap the benefits of wonderful weather.


Rossi’s Deli is known for its incredibly delicious food and has won many impressive awards for serving just that. On top of satisfying their customers with their sandwiches and pasta, Rossi’s Deli supplies customers with the often-overlooked ability to enjoy their meals outdoors. Rossi’s owns its own patio outside of the deli, filled with tables and chairs for customers to use as they eat. An outdoor meal can push an experience from being great to even being incredible with the wonderful addition of vitamin D.


Customers enjoy their sandwiches outside of Rossi's Deli.

Customers enjoy their sandwiches outside of Rossi’s Deli.

When a new customer first ventures into the door of Rossi’s, their main takeaway is how remarkable their food was. However, for the Rossi’s regulars, the experience is normally molded from more than just that. In fact, the weather plays a huge role on whether or not some Poughkeepsie locals decide to make a trip to Rossi’s. “I definitely come here much more now than I would in the winter,” Poughkeepsie resident, Jeff Miles explained. “Sometimes when it’s snowing, or just really cold, I will just eat something I have at home instead of going out to eat. Same thing goes for when it’s raining.” This week’s weather has had a large effect on Miles eating habits, too. “This is probably the third time I’ve come to Rossi’s in the past week,” Miles continued. “I normally try to make a trip here a couple times a month, but this week has been pretty kind to me.” Miles then chuckled and added, “what’s not to love?” With the way the sun has been beaming down this week, it is certainly hard to disagree with Mr. Miles.

Miles was not the only local that shared his opinion. Fellow Poughkeepsie resident, Lisa Fornabaio chimed in with the same tune. “We don’t come here too often,” Fornabaio said.” But when we do, it is almost always a beautiful day. Sometimes all it takes is a look outside and I’ll say to the kids, ‘time for Rossi’s.’” When asked whether her and her family came to Rossi’s Deli during last week’s rain showers, Fornabaio responded by saying, “nope, didn’t even think about it,” solidifying her points thoroughly.


Rossi’s Deli employee, Dan was able to confirm what Miles and Fornabaio said. “This has definitely been an extremely busy month for us,” Dan explained. “That obviously has a lot to do with all of the college kids coming back to town, but the great weather certainly hasn’t hurt.” Rossi’s Deli always has massive lines during the lunch rush hour, but “during the warmer months and sunnier days, (Rossi’s Deli) definitely gets more business and customers come more often at all times of the day,” Dan said. “That’s one of the reasons that we added more seating outside.” In fact, Rossi’s has added additional seating to their outdoor area with several tables and chairs across the street, kept under the shade of three trees. This makes for more people having the ability to enjoy their sandwiches in the warmth of the sun, as beforehand all of the tables could be filled.


Although the additional tables are just overlooking a busy road, they still provide customers with a nice place to eat with the people that they came with. Essentially, Rossi’s combines everything great there is about enjoying food.


The recent beautiful weather has certainly played a role in Rossi’s excellent business this past week.

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