HuMarist: 24 years of Hilarity

24 years is a long time for anything, especially for a club at college. To have a club stand the test of time, the members need to not only be committed to the club, they need to love and be passionate about everything about it. At Marist College there are a couple of clubs that have been around for that long, one of them is HuMarist.

HuMarist is Marist’s on campus comedy sketch group, and they have been around since the early 1990’s. “The founder of HuMarist was Jeff Baumgardner who started the group in 1991,” said former HuMarist director Jacquie Cosgrove.

During the 1990’s Improv and Sketch comedy was on the rise and was very popular in the New York City and Chicago area, “HuMarist was born at the same time improv comedy was born in Chicago and began moving to New York,” said Cosgrove. “Improv as an art has skyrocketed since then and has grown to become really popular.”

HuMarist is a group of around seven students who do Improv and Sketch comedy on campus. “Currently we have 7 members in the group,” said Co-director Katelyn Murphy. “We have positions in the group, however, we truly all work as a team on and off stage. We all make a huge contribution to the group.”

HuMarist is a commitment that the members take seriously, but also look forward to each week. “We practices three times a week for two hours,” said Cosgrove, “When we’re not practicing we’re hanging out together or writing together.”

HuMarist grabs students from all walks of the entertainment field, from former high school actors to aspiring comedians they accept everyone. “I have always been into theater & acting. I was also always known to be a complete goofball and I didn’t care if I seemed crazy to other people so improv comedy seemed to be a pretty good fit for me,” said Murphy. “Just by making my friends and family laugh, I found that my biggest joy in life is truly making other people laugh.”

However, many schools have groups like HuMarist, and who put on shows for the student body, but there is another special thing about HuMarist, it has stood the test of time, 24 years to be exact. There are not many organization, let alone a club at a College who can say that. “I think it has stood the test of time because it’s something different on campus. An improve/sketch comedy is a pretty random college club topic. Not every college has a group like this,” said Co-director Brendan Cummings.

“I think that we have been able to stay as a group on campus because of the love that every HuMarist has for the group,” said Murphy, “I am good friends with alumni who I was never even in the group with but we connect because of our love for HuMarist and of course comedy.”

The connection between the years of HuMarist students is strong, “I’m excited to see the big show as an alumni for the first time,” said Cosgrove. An experience that most alumni love to take part in.

Generations of Marist College students have join this club and brought joy to the campus on the Hudson, especially with their end of the semester Big Show, “We do the big shows at the end of each semester, both spring and fall,” said Cummings, “It’s a live show where we comedy, improv and sketch.”

HuMarist runs two shows during the school year, both at the end of both semesters. Sometimes, they run small charity shows, which links this on campus club to the Marist College Mission statement. “We did hold a “little show” in the PAR that was sponsored by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) chapter here at Marist, which I am president of,” said Murphy. “Where we asked for donations to help students with disabilities in the community. This was an awesome collaboration for me because I saw how I can link my love for comedy and education together. So we are open to helping our community and collaborating with good causes.”

Through this show does has a cost of admission, the HuMarist teams in a way returns the favor to its audience. “Our shows don’t really benefit anything other than the joy of laughter we bring to our audiences soul,” said Murphy. “We only charge $3 at the door and this money gets used to buy the t-shirts that we throw out to the audience during the show.”

The way this club is described by its past and current members, it does not sound like just a club, it sounds more like a family. “This group is not like a club that you just leave behind when you graduate. It becomes a part of you and your college experience,” said Murphy. “I think its been able to last this long because of the love, devotion  and commitment every HuMarist has for the group.”

Their Big Show this semester is named the “Best Funeral Ever,” a show they have put a great deal of time and effort into creating. The show goes on at 9:30pm this Thursday, December 11th. Talking to the students around Marist Campus, they seem rather excited for the show. “Last years show was great, it had me rolling on the floor,” said Marist College senior Zachary Obid. HuMarist, has been a club here for 24 years, and if they are as funny as the Marist community says they are, they could be here for the long haul.

“Our shows rock and everyone loves watching comedy, so the HuMarist shows always have maintained a good audience at Marist College,” said Cosgrove.

This is more than just a club, this is a family; and that is one of the major reasons that it has stood the test of time. The members of this club love HuMarist and this love has helped it last these past 24 years. With their love and devotion to HuMarist, the club could be here to stay at Marist for another two decades.

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