Hidden Gem: The Pandorica

First things first: this hidden gem may not actually be considered that “hidden.”

The Pandorica in Beacon went viral last August due to its overall theme and is one of the few Doctor Who themed restaurants in the United States. Originally The Cup and Saucer Tea Room, the business went under renovation in the spring, when owner Shirley Wenlock-Hot first decided on the theme change, officially opening on July 7 in its new incarnation. A little over a month later the business went viral, popping up on social media and news sites while being shared by avid “Doctor Who” fans, affectionately called Whovians.

Pandorica Outside

The entrance to 165 Main Street, Beacon, NY – The Pandorica.

However walking along Beacon’s Main Street the restaurant looks like one of the many other shops in the town. Housed in a small brick building, with thirteen tables and bar seating, it’s the type of spot you either stop in because you know what type of place it is or you looked in the window and figured it looked like a neat place to try.

Despite its focus on the Whovian demographic, The Pandorica is an affordable, pleasant restaurant for anyone looking for a nice meal and a homey atmosphere. For Whovians and non-Whovians alike the restaurant offers a wide variety of meals, sandwiches, appetizers (called “Spoilers” for Whovian delight), and desserts (“Sweeties”). And as an added bonus for the Doctor Who fan the restaurant shows episodes of the recent Doctor Who series on a TV while you eat.


For Whovians the bathroom is TARDIS themed inside (below) and out (above).1948088_925252834166715_4052064892936713256_n

Some commonly favorite menu items include the Doctor Who themed appetizers Fish Fingers and Custard, and K-9s (mini corn dogs); wraps and meals like the Turkey Bacon Brie sandwich, Beef and Chicken Cottage Pies and the Cranberry Pear Wrap; and desserts like the Chocolate Caramel Brownie Sundae and Tea Cake to enjoy alongside a pot of tea.

One of the unique aspects that The Pandorica has continued from its time as The Cup and Saucer Tea Room is the practice of offering pots of tea for customers to enjoy alongside their meal in personal tea pots for one person and for two people. A wide variety of teas and other beverages are offered to satisfy just about everyone’s needs or desires.

Pandorica Inside

The inside of The Pandorica is decked out in “New Who” decorations. Even the table decorations are currently a nod to the 11th Doctor.

However reservations are strongly encouraged on weekends when the bistro becomes a Mecca for avid Doctor Who fans. The best time to check out the place is during the week when most people can’t make the journey to the Beacon café.

“We offer live music on Thursdays and the owner often hosts events during the Doctor Who season like the season premiere and the finale,” waitress Victoria Wright said, “The owner’s planning an event for the new Christmas special in the next few weeks.”

Wright also explained that The Pandorica owner, Wenlock-Holt, is looking into a possible cosplay event for the Doctor Who lovers out there with an opportunity to have “tea with the Doctor.”

With lots of exciting Who-themed events, great food, lovely service and a great atmosphere The Pandorica is definitely a great place to check out.

The Pandorica is located at 165 Main Street Beacon, NY. Hours are Monday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.. If you want to make a reservation to check them out you can reach them at (845-) 831-6287 any day of the week except for Tuesday when they are closed.

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