The Marist Christmas tree – A must-see attraction

With Christmas only 16 days away, many Marist students are looking forward to going hoIMG_2697me for winter break. However, the end of the semester means that the dreaded finals week is vastly approaching. Students have final papers, presentations, and tests throughout these next two weeks, which can put a damper on the holiday spirit.

One giant reminder that symbolizes the holiday season at Marist is the gigantic Christmas tree outside of the chapel. The lights were finally turned on last Sunday night after the 7 p.m. mass. The tree shines brightly throughout the night and will illuminate for the rest of the semester.


For Marist students like Chris Collins, the tree represents the end goal for finals week.

“Between homework and tests, it can be really hard to get in the Christmas spirit,” said Collins, a Marist senior. “That being said, walking by the tree on campus reminds me of how excited I am to go home for winter break. I love Christmas, and every day I walk past the tree means I’m one step closer to break.”

The process of lighting the tree is very tedious because every single branch of the spruce tree needs to be covered in lights. While walking on campus, people can see workers as early as the first week in November wrapping lights around the tree.

The tree serves as a popular place to take a picture in December. It is hard to walk by at night and not see students snapping a photo of the humungous spruce tree.

“If you are on the Marist campus at night, you can’t help but stop and stare at the Christmas tree,” said senior Rick Schneider. “You better believe the tree will flooded on your Instagram timeline for the next couple weeks.”

One thing is for certain. Marist students appreciate their own version of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

“I’ve come to appreciate the true more and more as I get older. I’m definitely going to miss it after I graduate,” said Collins.

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