Marist dinner rush strikes


The Marist student body generally tries to avoid the cold weather, especially at this time of year. However there is one thing that will cause a mass exodus of students from their warm dorm rooms out into the cold. The dinner rush in the dining hall.

On any given night, starting around 5 p.m. there will be a spike in the population of the Marist dining hall, and tonight is no exception. Monday night’s dinner specials include fiesta lime chicken fajitas, pizza and classic chicken noodle soup, perfect for fighting off the biting cold.

When asked why he would rather brave the cold than stay warm in his dorm, Marist senior Phil Picinic said “It’s a combination of having to use all my swipes by the end of the semester, and being too lazy and busy at the same time to bother cooking or ordering out myself. I’ve using the dining hall as a kind of base of operations to get work done and eat my meals all at once.”

The dining hall is an essential part of the Marist campus life, and never has that been more prevalent than right now, in the cold weather during crunch time for students.

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