Lowell Thomas lounge buzzes with last-minute student projects

Walk through the ground floor lobby of Lowell Thomas and through the silence cuts the question: ‘how are you handling the Ebola outbreak on campus?’ No, there isn’t really an Ebola outbreak at Marist College, but rather a group of media students working to finish their final project before finals week.

Creating a news package for their Video Production class with Jeff Bass, students Dylan Gordon, Emily Crawley, Bridgette Franco and Kelly Curtin have turned the lobby of Lowell Thomas into their newsroom.

Bass’ students had the option of either creating a music video or news package, and this group chose the latter. For the assignment, the students need to create two-75 seconds news packages, which include B-roll, interviews, intros, graphics and more.

For sophomore Gordon who works with MCTV News, the choice to do a news package was an easy decision.

Students conduct interviews for their Video Production news package. Photo courtesy of Kathleen O'Brien

Students conduct interviews for their Video Production news package.
Photo courtesy of Kathleen O’Brien

“It’s a lot of fun doing a news package,” said Gordon. “I do it for MCTV News so it is fun to use my skills from that for class.”

While accuracy is usually needed in news stories, the group has taken a different turn and added a little humor of their own by including a story about Ebola.

“We had to do two stories and out first one is about construction on campus and how it affects daily life,” said sophomore Crawley. “Then we chose Ebola and our professor thought it would be funny so we decided to do it.”

Between the two packages, the group has about six interviews, and some include the group members themselves. Questions include ‘how did you hear about the outbreak?’ and ‘what are you doing to prepare for it?’ For the rest of the interviews, they try to recruit random students who are also trying to combat the end of semester project rush.

One such student is Ashley Hellberg who was using the lounge to complete an assignment for her Communication Campaign Management class with Jennie Donohue. Her project is a full social media campaign for Mont Gulian, which she will be presenting in class on Wednesday. Due to this, Hellberg declined the offer to participate.

The group’s project is due on Friday for their 9:30 class, and while they are confident they will finish in time, complications have arisen due to the scarce availability of rooms in Lowell Thomas.

“The annoying part is that we can only do work in 227 because it’s all saved on those computers and we don’t have edit share,” said Gordon. “So we have to wait until that room is open.”

Due to this, students behind video cameras or computer screens are getting inventive and finding the way to combat the last minute work rush before the semester ends.

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