Hancock Lounge: A Popular Destination for Studying

During finals week, the communal study areas of the Marist College campus become flooded with students desperately trying to finish the multitude of papers and projects assigned at the end of the semester. Usually a relatively quiet lounge, tonight, the Hancock center lounge is uncharacteristically filled with students due to its close proximity to a cafe as well as its comfortable and luscious interior. As a relatively new building, Hancock is furnished with very comfortable seats and very nice work areas.

Senior Math major Patrick Carter is a regular at the Hancock lounge and does most of his homework there. “It’s close to the Starbucks and its pretty quiet except for in between classes,” Carter stated, adding, “There isn’t too much seating, so normally it isn’t a problem to work here, but tonight is more people than I’m used to seeing here.”

Carter expects more students to come filing in as the library gets more and more full as the night goes on. “Last night my roommate saw kids sitting on the floor of the library doing work,” adding, “That probably will make it even more packed over here when people see there’s no room to study in the library”

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