Hancock Center’s Secret Study Areas

On the campus of Marist College, the students are abuzz with Finals vastly approaching. Students are always looks for a nice place to study, most believe that there is only one quiet on campus place to study, which is the James Cannavino Library. However, those people are wrong, there are many great place to study on campus, some hidden gems if you will.

Where on campus can someone study with the following attributes: Comfortable chairs, an easy accessible coffee cafe for drinks and snacks, and a fireplace? The Main Lobby of the Hancock Center is the only place on campus with all of those things, making it a perfect place to study.

The Library during Finals week tends to get loud because of the large amount of people squeezed into that confined space. However, with the limited amount of people who do take advantage of this space, the volume normally stays pretty low (excepted during the changing of class but that quickly subsides). The students who take advantage of this space will tell that this is one of the best places on campus to get work done.

“Small and contained, rather quiet for most of the time, easy access for snacks and drinks, comfortable area,” said Marist Sophomore Max Cottet. “Personally, easy access because all my classes are here, so I do not have to go very far.”

People are always looking for a great place to study, especially when the library fills up and the lobby of the Hancock Center is just one of the places that this building has to offer. On the third floor of the Center there is an open lobby area filled with tables, comfortable chairs, it lacks a fireplace but it is one of the quietest places at Marist.

“For me at least, because I am a Math Major it is easy for me to get help from a professor who are around the building,” said Sophomore Anthony Navarro, “And it is right next to the Math Lab, which is also a good place to get help.”

The third floor lobby is also great for getting group work done, “It is easy to get work done here because it is a central location for groups to meet up, also the chairs are very comfortable as well,” said Sophomore James Williams. Most people try to get one of the limited group rooms in the library but it is almost impossible to get one. This area is a great place not only to get work done by yourself but also to work in a group.

Most students are afraid of going to Hancock Center because they are not a Math Major, but that is should not be the case. Any student can come and use these rooms, these hidden gems are great place to get work done when the library fills up. So to all those students looking for a great study area, look no further than the Hancock Center.

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