Final projects and footie pajamas

On December 8, 2014 at approximately 5:15 p.m. two Marist College sophomores sit along side one another in Post Production Suite Room 231 located on the second floor of Lowell Thomas. These two students are Sarah Allen and Amber Rubi Urena. Although both communication majors, Allen is concentrating in advertisement and minoring in video production whereas Urena’s concentration is in public relations with a double minor in video production and business.

Both girls are current students of James Biffle’s video production class and are working on their final semester video project. Allen explains that her and her partner Urena, were given an option to write, direct and film either a music video or a commercial within two weeks.

Urena states that this video production class is a prerequisite to the harder and more challenging video production classes offered at Marist. “The point of this assignment is to show everything we have learned this semester in this class”, explains Urena, “and in order to show what we have learned we decided to plan, shoot and edit an advertisement for footie pajamas.”

The message of Allen and Urena’s commercial is that footie pajamas “can be worn by any Marist student, for any occasion.” The commercial begins with Urena, the star of the thirty-second commercial, sluggishly arising from bed attempting to find something to wear to her morning class. After sleepily staring at her closet for a moment, Urena discovers a pair of black footie pajamas. The advertisement then cuts to Urena wearing the footie pajamas to various places on campus including the James A. Cannavino Library, a classroom in Hancock and the Dyson Café.

“It’s meant to be humorous”, says Allen, “the point of this advertisement is meant to be a joke, because footie pajamas are obviously not very practical pieces of clothing, but the professor approved the topic and we are going to make it work.”

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