Busniess Majors Stress Over Workload

The James A. Cannavino library is packed with students stressing over their upcoming workload during the upcoming finals week, but business majors have a paper that trumps the length of anything they have ever done before.

“I’m done with 40 out of the 60 pages,” said business major Bridget Frank. “Everyone is super stressed right now about this business capping paper and presenting it within the next week.”

 The 60 page paper is an assignment that each business major student has to comIMG_0060plete and present to their respective class. This final project has students stressing over the workload as it comes down to the wire. The computer screens along the right side of the library are filled with Excel charts, graphs, and business jargon.

“A majority of our final grade depends on how well we do this paper and present it,” said David Immerman. “There will be department leaders and big business heads outside of the Marist campus there at our presentations.”

The pressure is building on the business majors of Marist College. The James A. Cannavino library is a place where stress and anxiety toxins fill the air.

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