A Walk Around Lowell Thomas takes a Film Twist

When walking around Lowell Thomas you never know who you will come across. I happened to come across two aspiring film directors that have been working on a short film for over a year and a half. They were simply just doing some editing for their upcoming film when I got a hold of them. It all started when Pat Mullen had an idea jump into his head one day. His idea then sprouted to friend, Alejandro Lazare, as they both collaborated on this short film.  The film is called The Forgotten.  A brief summary of the film without giving too much away goes a little like this:

The film starts off with a curious kid wanting to know what his dad did for a living. When he asks his mother about his dad she ends up spilling the beans. It starts a mysterious journey to an abandoned hospital where lies the truth that is waiting to be unfold….

Pat and Alejandro, who are film students at Marist College, were able to get in contact with a good friend of Pat’s dad whom was able to donate 5,000 dollars to their short film budget. Pat called him “an angel donor.” Over the summer they were able to get a hold of numerous actors from the NYC area that were interested in auditioning for their film. “We actually almost were able to get Uma Thurman, who is a family friend, but she had to back out last minute,” says Pat Mullen. “It would have been huge to get her in this film.” They began to film in September of this year and they just finished filming last month, November. They have already sent the film to an editor down in Florida and are awaiting for the completed project. So for now, they have been doing some Photoshop work for different scenes in the film. Pat and Alejandro look to do similar film projects like this in the near future.

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