Election Day: How It Affects You

With many students who don’t hail from the area, many of the local elections simply go over our heads. Here is a quick look into the races that directly affect us as Marist students, and how these elections may affect us in the future.

1.   New York State Governor


Incumbent Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo held his seat against Republican Rob Astornio in this month’s race for State Governor of New York, winning 54-40%.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Cuomo has proven that he is committed to helping improve the economy of the upstate area of New York. Along with pledging to give 1.5 billion dollars in state funding to Upstate New York, Cuomo also has lightened up regulations on alcohol and has made a push for an expansion of casino gaming. Cuomo intends to grow the Alcohol manufacturing industry in New York, which only means more alcohol for us Marist students!

2.   New York 19th Congressional District


Incumbent Congressman, Republican Chris Gibson defended his post against Democrat Sean Eldridge. Gibson beat out Eldridge 65-35%.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?eagle

Gibson is known for his ability to get things done in Washington. He tends to have a very strong focus towards local issues and genuinely cares about the population he represents. Recently, Gibson sponsored a bill to lower the excise tax on hard alcohol, so as college students, it might be worthwhile to have this man in our corner.

3.   New York 41st State Senate District


Republican challenger, Sue Serino knocked off Incumbent Terry Gipson for the position of representing New York’s 41st State Senate District.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Serino is steady in her belief of repealing the NY Safe gun control act as well as lowering all of the taxes in New York. One specific tax she has opposed is the Dutchess County Energy tax. She intends to repeal this tax, which would help save those of us students who live off campus a whopping 3.75% on our energy bills!   

4.   New York 106th State Assembly District


Incumbent Democrat Didi Barrett defeated her opponent Republican Michael Kelsey for the right to represent the 106th state assembly district.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Barrett is extremely committed to bringing more life back into the Hudson Valley. She strongly supports business growth in the Hudson Valley which will only help the current revitalization of our Waterfront District in Poughkeepsie, a place where many Marist students frequent for nightlife in our area.

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