Mr. Marist returns set to entertain

On November 18th at 9:30 p.m., a fledgling campus tradition will make its return. The Mr. Marist competition is coming back for its second semester following the first Mr. Marist competition in Feburary of 2013. The show will bring a variety of entertainment as Marist’s finest gentlemen compete in this pageant-style competition in the Nelly Goletti Theater.

The competition consists of five rounds of competition in categories including talent, sportswear and interviews. The contestant’s goal is to prove themselves worthy of the title of Mr. Marist. According to Alyssa Ouellette, one of the show’s four producers, Mr. Marist is “a student who has a standout personality and exemplifies school spirit.”

Last year’s competition brought in over 300 people to see the contestants perform. Ouellette says they hope to sell out the entire Nelly Golletti Theater this year.

Auditions were held last month on October 4th. Contestants were asked to audition with a talent idea and answer questions from the producers without beforehand knowledge. The number of contestants varies from 10-15 guys each semester. This year’s group consists of 10 men. When asked if there were any standout contestants this year, Ouellette said, “We definitely do, but you will have to come to the show to see all of their dedication and hard work!”


The setup of this year’s competition is different from last year’s Mr. Marist, where contestants were picked at random from a pool of 50 or so people who signed up, and after making campaign videos on YouTube, were narrowed down to the top 10 competitors. The competition was held by the class of 2015 and the Communication Arts Club. A show of a similar name and set up was held on campus before in 2007. Ouellette said “we are attempting to revamp the show and give it a new flavor. Our goal is to bring it back better than before. As a capping group, we like to refer to it as ‘Mr. Marist 2.0.’”

The show is sponsored by the Class of 2015 and Marist’s Relay for Life team. One of the goals of the competition is to raise at least 1,000 dollars for team, which is run by the American Cancer Society. “Most people know at least one person who has been impacted by cancer and through the work of the American Cancer Society there will hopefully be a generation where cancer doesn’t exist,” said Ouellette. The producers hope to hold additional fundraisers to meet their goal.

The producers of the show, who include Ouellete, Ignacio Borbolla , Matteo Fochetta and Daniel Girolamo, all Class of 2015, got the idea from similar shows and fundraisers they had seen at their high schools. They are all communications students who are putting together the show for their capping project. This is the first semester that the show has been used specifically for a capping project. Ouellette explains that the competition uses a lot of different aspects of their communications education, including event planning, public relations and production. “By pulling off a large-scale show like this, we believe that it will significantly help our future endeavors,” said Ouellette.


he producers have been working with several different groups on campus as well as off. The show is sponsored by a variety of groups, including the Relay for Life team here at Marist, The Class of 2015, Mahoney’s, Red Fox Eatery, and Hurricane Grill and Wings.

The group’s biggest struggle is currently time. The completion is a balancing act of several different groups. “We’re pulling off a very large event in a short amount of time,” said Ouellette. She points out that the group is working to get all their ducks in a row by checking up on little details, getting everything set in stone and getting the contestants’ complete cooperation.

The group’s social media presence is strong, sending out tweets with their unmistakable fancy red fox, or posting in Facebook about their upcoming event.

“We are hoping that we can pass the Mr. Marist competition down to others who want to keep the Mr. Marist tradition going after we graduate,” said Ouellette.

Tickets go on sale at 8:30 p.m. the day of the show for $5 each and a pre-sale is set for Nov. 12 and 13 in the Champ Breezeway from 5-7 p.m. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. in the Nelly Goletti Theater.

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