Hidden Gem: My Place Pizza

My Place PizzaHave you ever tried to find a place where you can listen to live music and feast on some great pub food that offers a great price? My Place Pizza is a unique location for a fun, music-filled night out.
Located on 322 Main St. Poughkeepsie, My Place Pizza is locally owned restaurant that has live bands playing every Friday and Saturday night. Not only does the entertainment attract a young, hip crowd, the food is offered at a cheap price for great quality. There is no entertainment charge at the door, unlike other venues that will charge usually 10-15 dollars for entrance. It is only two dollars per slice of pizza without toppings, and seven dollars for a dozen wings. The entire menu is kept at low prices to attract the surrounding area of Poughkeepsie.
When I asked Patrick Fitzgerald, owner of My Place Pizza, why he keeps his prices low and doesn’t charge for the entertainment he said, “The combination of pizza, beer, and music is a great way to bring people together. A place like mine can really liven up this part of Poughkeepsie and the community as a whole.”
Fitzgerald began his pizza-making career in New York City on Broadway and W 35 St. Their business combined making pizza and renting movies. Back when renting movies was popular, it was a great way to sustain customers who wanted to stay in for a quiet night with quality take-out and watch a movie. He then brought that idea to his newly owned business in Poughkeepsie. He wanted to continue making his living selling pizza and have fun in the music scene. It is the lifestyle that he always wanted to maintain.
Fitzgerald said about his business plan, “I wanted to combine my work and my passion for music.”
Ever since he started My Place Pizza two years ago, it has been growing immensely. In the beginning, there were only one to two shows per month, but since then they have grown to 2 shows per week, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. A lot of the crowd consists of 20-30 year olds. A majority of them are college students and friends of the bands that play there. In the back of the restaurant there is the stage where the band plays, with chairs and tables directly opposite of it against the right wall. That area is great for people who want to be close up to the action. In the middle of the restaurant, there is the counter where you order your food with another set of tables opposite it. That seems to be where people want to be closer to the band, but enjoy some of the great food that is offered. Then, in the front near the entrance is a big open space with numerous tables and booths. This area is good for people who want to eat their food and listen to music, but have a calmer experience than up-close near the band.
Peter Tollis, a student at Marist College, is a frequent visitor to My Place Pizza. He says he enjoys going there the night before he has a football game. “I really like the venue. It is somewhere that I can enjoy a meal and have a lot of fun. It’s something that is unique to this area that I haven’t experienced while I’ve lived here.”
My Place Pizza 3Being one of the only places in Poughkeepsie to offer food and live music, there are a plethora of bands that love to come and play on Friday and Saturday nights. Local bands and touring acts are featured and bring in all different kinds of music lovers. Uprise Entertainment is the booking company that is responsible for many of the shows that are put on at My Place Pizza. A plethora of genres have been featured including; indie, folk, pop punk, acoustic, hardcore, and melodic hardcore. Some big named bands have even stopped through on their tour throughout the continental United States like Turnover, Have Mercy, Pentimento, Light Years, Meridian, and Superheaven. Not only do these touring bands stop through, but My Place Pizza loves to support the local bands also.
Nicole Schoen, of Uprise Entertainment, says that she has an “existing relationships with bands, artist managers and booking agents and I either reach out to them regarding a show, or they email me looking for a show at My Place Pizza.”
So, if you like listening to music and eating food at a great price, then head over to My Place Pizza for a fun night out on the town. This experience is something that is not offered anywhere else around the Poughkeepsie area. It tops any other crowded watering hole that the plethora of college students frequently visit.

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