Hidden Gem: Billy Bob’s BBQ

If you like good barbecue, look no further than Billy Bob’s BBQ on Fairmont Ave in Arlington, just ten minutes away from Marist.

Once you walk in you get the feeling that you picked the right barbecue place to experience. The walls are covered with TV’s, license plates from all different states, and big longhorns that give off a southern vibe.

Outside of Billy Bob's

Outside of Billy Bob’s

They have a lot of specials and entertainment throughout the week including Karaoke on Saturday’s and live music every Friday night. Their food and drink specials are great as well. The deals include 50 cent wings with 21 flavors to choose from on Tuesday’s, $1 pulled pork tacos on Wednesday, and $1 draft Budweiser, Bud Light, and their own Billy Bob’s Special Brew on Thursday night from 11 pm until 1 am. During the football games, they have about 8 items on a special menu where everything on it is $6 dollars in addition to $6 dollar pitchers. This special menu their half-sized nachos, which makes you wonder how big the full sized nachos could possibly be for only $3 dollars. Also from 4-7 every day is happy hour so all drinks are only one dollar off.

While the specials are great and attract customers, the everyday menu is what brings people back. My first time there I ordered a beef brisket sandwich and it was delicious. The most popular item on their menu is the “Piggy Mac” which is pulled pork covered in baked mac and cheese, which most people do not end up finishing. “Anytime I tell somebody about this place I recommend the piggy mac,” said Alex Wilkens, who tries to get to Billy Bob’s once a week. “If somebody doesn’t want to get mac and cheese they really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. It’s all good.”

I have been there three times this semester and have to agree that everything I have ordered so far has been great. “This might be the best Rueben I’ve ever had” said Marist College senior Mike Corby. “I like the sauces that they have here because they go well on anything.” The sauces he is referring to are “sweet & sticky”, “butt kicker”, “Big Daddy’s”, and “Bobs Original” which are brought to every table when they get their food.

Sauces that come with your meal.

Sauces that come with your meal.

Billy Bob’s offers a change of scenery from the usual places to eat around Marist. It has a great atmosphere with great food. If you like barbecue, Billy Bob’s is a place you should check out. The prices are fair with most things averaging to be around ten dollars or more, but you get what you pay for and the food here is definitely worth the money. While the piggy mac seems to be peoples number one option, no matter what you get, you will be walking happier than when you walked in, probably with a to-go box in your hand since the portions are huge and it makes for a great leftover meal.

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