This Week in the News

With the new semester kicking into gear, many students have begun to get into the familiar school mindset. School work, socializing, relaxing, and other responsibilities may have kept students distracted from the happenings in the world outside. The top stories this week include a deadly virus scare, a financial data breach, combating international terrorism, the end of a storied career, and a bending scandal.

Top Stories:

Ebola in the U.S.

A strain of the Ebola virus. -Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

Ebola, the deadly virus that has been ravaging West Africa, has begun to spring up here in the United States. At least 2 confirmed cases have been reported, the first confirmed case is Thomas Eric Duncan, who traveled to Liberia and arrived home in Dallas complaining of Ebola like symptoms. The second case is a freelance NBC cameraman who caught the deadly virus while covering the outbreak in Liberia. Both cases are currently isolated in quarantine, and no further cases have been reported as of yet.

JPMorgan Chase reports massive data breach

JPMorgan Chase has recently disclosed a data breach that took place over the summer, that has potentially affected over 76 million homes and businesses. The bank claims that “no unusual customer fraud” has been reported, and that sensitive information was not compromised. JPMorgan has also denied claims of a second breach since this attack.

U.S. and other countries begin strikes against ISIS

The United States, as well as other allied countries in a coalition, have begun combating ISIS, the terror group that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands, including the public execution of Americans. Recently, the U.S. has begun launching airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, hoping to destabilize their operations. The U.S. and it’s allies will continue to pressure ISIS with military operations and other measures in hopes of ending their activities in the Middle East.

Derek Jeter ends his career after 20 seasons

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter on the field at Yankee Stadium – Photo courtesy

After 20 seasons in pinstripes with 5 World Series wins and over 3,000 career hits, The Captain has called it quits. The storied career of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter drew to a dramatic close with a walkoff hit in his final home game and leaving the field for the last time to cheers at rival Fenway Park.  Jeter is regarded as one of the most respected, and popular players in sports, and his final season was filled with gifts and goodbyes from his fellow players and teammates. With this chapter in his life complete, Derek has since started a new website, The Players’ Tribune.


Twitter is abuzz with talk about the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which were both released recently, to generally favorable reviews. The iPhone 6 Plus in particular has become caught  in a controversy about an apparent design flaw that allows the phone to bend. Hashtags like #Bendgate and #Bendghazi have become popular on social media, and many competitors used the controversy to poke fun at Apple’s expense. Apple has released a statement addressing the “#bendgate” scandal, claiming that it is an overblown craze, and that few consumers have actually complained about the issue.

Trending Video of the Week:

The “Apparently” Kid has taken YouTube by storm, with his adorable explanation of his first amusement park ride on live TV.


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