Say Goodbye to “A Week At The Beach”

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – As the weatherman begins to predict cooler temperatures, it is an indicator to us all that fall is near. It is time to pack away those favorite pair of shorts and throw the flip-flops to the back of the closet. Along with the reintroduction into fall fashion comes apple picking, pumpkin spiced lattes and stores filled with Halloween decorations.

A quick change of forecast is upon us from one week to the next as lows are now being predicted to dip down into the 40s. For restaurants and bars the change in weather means a complete makeover to the drink menu. It has come time to say goodbye to your beloved, refreshing summer cocktail topped off with the decorative umbrella and welcome the latest fall specials.

Andy’s Place, a family restaurant and tavern, located on the north side of Poughkeepsie features indoor and outdoor dining as well as a full service bar. First opened in 1948, Andy’s Place has gained popularity among residents and travelers. With a change in season comes a change in what the costumers are looking for and therefore, what the restaurant is offering.

Mike, Andy’s Place waiter, shared that over the summer costumers go crazy for the fruity cocktails, specifically one named “A Week At The Beach.”  Their summer drink menu consists of drinks made with mainly rum and vodka mixed with a variety of juices. Happy hour specials generate large crowds over the summer with fruity cocktails in demand.

“The lower temperatures this week have led more people to dine indoors and less requests for summery drinks,” said Mike, “this is the beginning of a seasonal change.”


Soon it will become too cold for the outdoor patio to be open and “A Week At The Beach” will become a has-been.

Other local restaurants have noticed similar trends between the outside temperature and the drinking habits of costumers.

“It almost seems like it is subconscious. It becomes slightly colder outside and all of sudden people are ordering the Pumpkin Ale over the frozen margarita,” says Jeff of the Poughkeepsie Applebee’s.

The Applebee’s chain restaurant offers a variety of different drinks for its costumers. While the drink menu will stay the same throughout all the seasons, according to the hostess Kenya, it is the costumer that decided what becomes popular.

During the summer, waiters and waitresses will greet their tables by offering (those of age) the latest and greatest alcoholic specials. With summer coming to a close, they will, “stop promoting the fruity cocktails and start promoting fall beers, such as Pumpkin Ale,” shares Jeff.

“Fruity cocktails are always on the rise during the summer months,” says Joshua of Billy Bob’s BBQ who also noted a significant change in what costumers are ordering.

Billy Bob’s BBQ is known for its great barbecued meats and lively bar. Generating a large crowd in the later hours, Billy Bobs’ drink specials are frequently changing to keep attracting new and old costumers.

“We are now starting to push pumpkin and apple flavored liqueurs and beers as it begins to cool down,” said Aimslee of Billy Bob’s.

Aimslee shared that Billy Bob’s drink specials are very dependent upon the seasons. During the summer months they feature Malibu fish bowls and in the winter, the ‘Snow Globe’ is an all time favorite.

With the first day of fall right around the corner, it is expected to see this trend with most if not all restaurants and bars. Order your favorite summer cocktail one last time this weekend before it disappears off the menu!

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