Quick turn of weather ominous to Poughkeepsie residents

As of recent a cold front has been sweeping through Poughkeepsie. After weeks of weather reaching well into the high 80 to low 90 degree range, weather has dipped down quickly into the 60’s with cold winds reaching around 10 miles an hour in most areas of Poughkeepsie and gusting into the low 20’s. Along with this cold weather and winds, this weekend saw some rain as well, with rain falling during the day on Saturday, although only accumulating to around .17 inches.

The cold front and rain put a damper on many Marist College student’s going out plans this weekend. “Honestly I wanted to go out to the bars on Saturday night, but I figured that it was too cold and rainy and decided to stay in.” Said Marist College student Pat Carter. “It was absolutely miserable outside and it kind of took away my will to go out.”

The cold weather came as a shock to many people in the area outside of the college as well. Although word of a bad winter has been widespread, many did not expect the weather to turn so quickly. Outside of Home Depot, area man Steven Morrison said, “It got pretty bad quick. I was gonna have a barbecue outside Saturday, but the rain killed that.” Morrison also added, “This is only the beginning, this is gonna be one of the worst winters in quite a while.”

A potential cold and long winter seems to be a common theme among people in the area. When asked about the prospect of a long winter, local resident Jared Bowen said, “After having a summer this hot and humid, we are pretty due for a bad winter.” Adding, “I think this winter will be way worse than last year’s. Last year was a really long one, but I think that this one will be just as long and even colder.”

Many residents in the area are taking this snap of bad weather as a sign to spend as much of their time outside as they still can. Janet D’Amore, a resident of the Fairview area said, “I plan to spend as much time gardening while I still can! I don’t like not being able to have a beautiful garden in the winter.” Morrison said, “I think we still have a few nice days ahead of us, I want to grill at least a few more times.”

Although there is not any scientific connection between a hot and wet summer and a long and cold winter, this seems to be a common theme among local residents in the area. One can only hope that the winter is a quick and mild one, but until it is upon us, we really will not know for sure. Regardless of how bad the winter is however, the one undeniable fact is that the winter is coming, and the last nice days outside may very well be upon us.

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