PO-cal Weather


Poughkeepsie, NY—The weather here in the lower Hudson Valley has been fairly average to say the least, although the past couple Saturdays have been rather wet.  Considering the rainfall in the Hudson Valley area was below average during the month of August, September is looking like it will be a wet one.  The rainy weather has had local Poughkeepsie residents stuck inside on a critical day during their weekend.

“I have noticed that there has been rain these past couple of weekends, which to be honest, has been great for my garden,” local resident Sandra Perez said.  “It’s a little bittersweet since the summer is coming to an end you want the last couple of weekends to be nice days before the cold weather begins,” she continues.  Sandra lives on Washington Street in the city of Poughkeepsie and also added that the rainy days have made her kids lazy on the weekend.

Other than the past couple of weekends being damp, the weekly weather has been clear and sunny.  The average temperature high for the week is 75 and we are looking at 71 for a high this week, slightly below the average.  “We have been fortunate to have such great weather during the week, it helps you get through your day,” Poughkeepsie resident Randy Clarke adds.  “I just hope the winter this year won’t be as harsh as they say it’s going to be,” he explains with doubt.  Randy Clarke also lives on Washington Street in the city of Poughkeepsie and added that he needs to stock up on some warmer attire because the nights have been chilly lately. Randy works for the Sanitation Department and “Counts on the warm sun peeking through the horizon each day” as he embarks on his garbage route in the wee hours of the morning.

As much as many people like to complain about the rain and heat during the summer months nothing compares to the winters in the Northeast.  The Northeast is looking at a catastrophic winter, which seems surprising considering the magnitude of last years winter.  The average snowfall during the 2013-2014 winter in Poughkeepsie was around 32 inches.  According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac we are looking at another cold and snowy winter.  This increased snowfall only means messier roads and more clothes. Not only is our clothing and cars taking big hits in the winter season, our wallets are being frozen dry by various snow equipment that we are forced to use in order to resume our daily lives.  Snow blowers, shovels, and other snow eradicating equipment can cost you thousands of dollars by the time the winter is over.  Despite the general consensus that snow is nothing but a problem for anybody that confronts it, local Poughkeepsie middle-schooler Javon Bess has a rather unique but strong opinion towards the upcoming winter.  “I think Poughkeepsie is one of best places to be during a snowstorm.” He says enthusiastically.  “Me and my friends love to go sledding down the hill on my block, you can go really fast.  I just like laying in the snow.”  Another Poughkeepsie resident and Marist College student Louis Cotrone weighs in on the upcoming winter,  “I think that the winter and all of the snowfall is caused by the Polar ice caps melting and global warming throwing off our seasonal patterns.”  He also said that pollution could be a factor to the recent sporadic weather.  Although we all have our opinions and predictions on the weather, at the end of the day the weather is one of the few things in the world that man hasn’t completely figured out yet.

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