Dropping Temperatures Impact Physical Activity

With fall rapidly approaching people are making the most out of the warmer weather while they still can.

“I like to get out here and throw around while I can before it gets too cold” says Matt De Oliveira who was tossing the football around with friends. “When it gets colder it is a lot harder to just go outside and do something with your friends so we have been enjoying the last couple of sunny days”.

Although the past few days have still been in the low 70’s high 60’s people are still noticing that the nights are steadily in the 40’s. As summer is coming to an end it seems that motivation for activity is also.

Justin Horn, a member of Mike Arteaga’s Health and Fitness Center said “Every year around this time I find myself going to the gym less and less because when it’s cold I have trouble getting out and coming here”. He hopes that this year will be different and that the cold will not stop him. For now the gym is still a priority “This past week has been perfect it is not too hot, not too cold and it is looking like next week is supposed to be a good week too so I’ve been coming here any chance that I get”.

Next week is supposed to be a nice one for anyone looking to take advantage. While Sunday and Monday are expected to have rain the rest of the days are looking sunny with the coldest day being 68 degrees. With October coming in exactly two weeks the weather is holding up nicely.

The walking bridge over the Hudson River has been filled with people the past couple of weeks. When it is nice out people go out on the bridge for a nice walk in the fresh air and some people use it as their outside running route.

“I love coming out here to just get away and walk, I like to get on the bridge at least three times a week” said Megan Tencza. “Recently there have been more people on the bridge and I do think that it is because the weather has been like this.” Tencza has been going out on the bridge for years and says that even though everybody is there now in a few weeks it well be much less popular. “Each year September and April see the most people on the bridge. The cold turn’s people away, nobody wants to be walking around cold with jackets on.”

As the temperatures continue to drop people are out taking advantage of their last few weeks outdoors. If you enjoy being active outside time is running out. The Hudson Valley has seen some harsh winters and this year is not supposed to be different. The almanac is predicting another freezing winter with December being in the single digits. With another cold winter coming and a surprisingly nice entrance to fall the people are still out taking in all the sun that they can.

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