Cold weather dealing out common cold

The temperature is rapidly dropping in the Hudson Valley area and it is affecting its residents.

It is getting toward the end of the summer now and in the past couple of weeks we have had some scorching hot, beautiful days. Suddenly starting last week we have had some pretty cold ones and it is only getting colder. Last week we hit highs up to 82 degrees and the forecast for Wednesday the 17th is a high of 72. When the Sun goes down is when the cold really hits. Wednesday’s forecast predicts a low of 42 degrees. The sudden drop in temperature has locals concerned.

“I feel like I’ve been coming down with a cold because of it,” said Kevin Murray, a 32-year old local resident who lives up the street from Marist College. “I’m getting a cough and some of my friends have said the same.”

The transition of shorts and t-shirts weather to jeans and sweatshirts weather is in effect, and it is happening pretty quickly. The sudden drop in temperature can definitely have an impact on health. People are complaining about throat pain and headaches due to the rapid change in weather. It is hard for the body to adjust from consistently hot weather to a 10 to 15 degree drop.

“Yea I’m definitely feeling some effects,” said Sophia Vasco, long time Poughkeepsie resident. “I’ve been getting a lot of phlegm and it’s bothering me but I’m sure it will pass.”

It is only going to get colder from here. Anyone who has spent some time in Poughkeepsie in the winter knows it can be brutal. The sun may be shining in beautiful Poughkeepsie but you still need a sweatshirt on some nice days. In the next 10 days we are expected to see a lot of sun but the highs will be hovering around the mid sixties or low seventies and the lows will be mostly in the mid forties. The nights are getting cold.

“I’m going to have to start putting the heat on at night soon,” said resident Carl Sanderson. “I need a sweatshirt to sit in my own house some nights.”

The anticipation of cold weather is having its affect on Marist this time of year as outdoor intramurals are starting. Last year there were complaints among the intramural soccer and flag football leagues that it got way too cold toward the end of the season. In order to help this situation Intramural Director Omar Sandimanie decided to start outdoor intramurals a week earlier this semester so that they would end earlier, hopefully before the real cold weather hits.

We may be in for another harsh winter after a summer that was not very hot. Last winter we had a lot of snow and that may be the case again. So people get ready and bundle up, because winter is not here just yet but it is on its way. Do not let all the sun deceive you the cold weather is coming. We are in that awkward transitional stage of summer to fall, and it is sad to see summer go. Tuesday, September 23rd marks the first day of autumn this year. Hopefully most of us can avoid the common cold throughout this transition of seasons. Keep your immune systems strong and you should be all right.

We haven’t had much rain lately but when it does rain it is ice-cold rain. The forecast shows that in the next week there will be slight chances of rain here and there and predictions of some showers on Monday the 22nd. It looks like we are going to start the fall season off with a little bit of rain. Stay healthy Poughkeepsie.

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