Allergy Relief Time

Poughkeepsie, N.Y.–The sweat is gone, but the sniffles are just arriving. The fall allergy season is considered to be right around the corner, but it seems to have already been affecting several residents around the Poughkeepsie Area.

It seems to be a common seasonal trend as when the heat begins to decline and as the coolness begins to set in an increase in the need for allergy medications becomes inevitable among residents of the area and across the nation.

After a mild summer when the state of New York did not face one heat wave, which is when the temperature is equal to or above 90 for three consecutive days, the first time in a decade a heat wave has not happened; it seems to be no surprise that residents of Poughkeepsie are already beginning to feel the impact of their allergies.

As a result of latter, I went to a local Rite Aid across from Marist College to ask Poughkeepsie residents about how or whether they have to deal with allergies for the upcoming fall season. Trying to see whether this may actually be a trend around the area.

Fall season is just around the corner.  Meaning relief will be needed to cope with Allergies.

Fall season is just around the corner. Meaning relief will be needed to cope with Allergies.

Several Poughkeepsie residents are in fact already coping with their allergies, this early into the year. This is despite the fact that it is not the September 22 or the official beginning of the fall season yet

One Rite Aid consumer John said “I always face allergies around my birthday for the past six years.” He added saying “In fact that’s why I’m here to pick up my allergy medication.”

Meanwhile Sabrina, another Rite Aid consumer said, “I usually face bad allergies during the fall and spring.”

However not all residents face the same ordeal of allergies. Others do not have to faces allergies like those allergic.

One Eddie, another Rite Aid consumer says “Rarely do I face or deal with allergies.”

Another Chris bluntly stated “I don’t have any allergies at all.”

Others cases were not as black and white as the latter.

One Mark, another consumer commented, “Mine are completely random. Some days I have the sniffles and others I do not feel any allergies at all.”

Regardless of who or what state it affects, allergies affect everyone either directly or indirectly. While only 35 million Americans have to deal with allergies there is an effect on the economy. This in turn makes America less productive and leads to 7 billion decline in the American economy. As a result, executive’s presidents and regional bosses have also felt the indirect impact of the seasonal allergies by the lack of productivity in their employees.

Besides the increased coldness there may be a common reason for the increase of allergies. According to WebMD, Ragweed, a yellow type of weed begins actually begins to release its spores in early August but continues into October. In addition, being allergic to ragweed also correlates to being allergic to spring allergies too.

Another example is mold. According to WebMD, mold spores thrive under wet leaves during the fall. And after how wet our summer was, Islip Long Island received a record breaking 13.27 inches of rain over the course of 24 hours, it may be no surprise that mold is thriving around the state. Thus allergies season may be especially brutal for some residents around the area.

Regardless on the cause allergies will be he sooner rather than later this year around. Everyone will notice the trend one way or another.

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