Where to go when the heat shuts off

While walking through the Rotunda I found a student who would actually rather be at school than home right now.

Junior Dave Schneider has been spending extra time away from his off-campus home recently due to the heater breaking this past Thursday.

Being left without heat in late November is something most people would try to avoid, so Schneider and his housemates have slept in friends’ on-campus living rooms at night to stay warm. While in the Rotunda, Schneider was basking in the central heating while waiting for his friends to get out of class.

He says that the oil provider should be coming by his home at 7pm today in order to fix the broken heater, and hopefully he will be able to sleep in his house the night before leaving for Thanksgiving break. “”Ïts just been too cold the past few days, it makes me want to stay out of the house as much as possible” said Schneider “the space heater we just got isn’t nearly big enough (to keep them warm).”

With hope that the problem should be fixed within a few hours, Schneider plans to return home tonight and be ready to leave for Long Island by tomorrow afternoon.

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