Tis the Season to Take Finals

With both the holidays and final exams right around the corner, many students find that completing final assignments and preparing for those exams gets in the way of their holiday cheer.

Yes whether you enjoy them or not the holidays are right on the horizon and with Thanksgiving on Thursday, it will again mark the unofficial start of the holiday season. However Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of another season at Marist College, and like the holidays, it is filled with stress, frustration, anxiety, higher blood pressures, and a lot of time inside, tis the season for final exams and projects.

When students return to Marist following Thanksgiving break, there will only be two more weeks left in the fall 2013 semester. The first being the final week of classes, and the second being final exam week. These are the two busiest weeks of the semester for many students.

I enjoy this time of year; in fact I will be celebrating both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving with my family this week. However I have always had a few issues with the season too. One of them is the seemingly forced joyfulness of the season. The message that it is the holidays and for that reason alone you should happy and cheerful no matter what situation you are in. This holiday spirit has reached Marist too, with the giving tree, and students decorating their dorm rooms and houses it seems that students need to find the time to get all of this work done.

“I almost feel like I am being taunted with the commercials and Christmas specials when I cannot even enjoy it with all of this work I still have to do.” Said Senior Chris Bellosi. “It is almost like they are almost here but I cannot enjoy them until I finish my work but I still feel like I am forced to be happy since it is the holidays.”

“The season really is a distraction for me.” Said Junior Jessica Taylor. “I have a major assignment due in every class next week but all I can think about is getting my shopping done and making plans with my friends and it really distracts me from my work, now I have to bring it home.” Taylor is not alone in having to bring some work home. Ask any student, myself included, and we will all tell you that we have deadlines early next week and will not only need to bring work home, but spend a significant part of our breaks’ working on these assignments.

“It is not going to feel like much of a break”, said junior Allie Zoll. “These assignments are really what stress me out more than the exams and all of my friends and I have assignments due in every class.” Said Zoll. Not every student has the same negative feelings about finals and the holidays intertwining.

“I use it as a motivator,” said senior Abbey McMichael. “I know that if I can get all of my work done I have the holidays as a reward. I do not think I would be able to work as hard or be as productive if the holidays were not right around the corner. After all the hard work, I really feel like I earn it too.” McMichael’s viewpoint matches mine in a way. Since I am Jewish my holiday have passed by the time the semester is over, but knowing I have that month long break just around the corner is excellent motivation for me. To so many others however, this becomes an obstacle to overcome.

“I cannot even concentrate during this time of year”, said junior Matt Duffy. “All I can think about is being home with my family and friends and at the same time I have piles of work to do and three exams.”

Final exam week begins the week of Dec. 9 and the semester officially ends on Dec. 13. Do not worry fellow students; we will all be home enjoying the holidays with our families before you know it. Until then, best of luck to everyone with their final exams and assignments and a very happy holiday season to all of our loyal readers.

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