The good and bad of Thanksgiving break

If you look around campus, you may notice students carrying suitcases around in a rush.

Students have begun heading home for Thanksgiving break, eager to get off campus. Other students are less fortunate, heading to the library to finish assignments before leaving. Bryan Manyy and Nester Taylor, both sophomores at Marist College, will be spending part of Monday night in the library before heading home tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to go home for the huge meal on Thursday,” said Manyy. “It’s a nice change from the food they have in the dining hall.”

Taylor is also excited to head home, but for other reasons. “It will be the first time I go home since school started.”

Both students also noted how the break will affect the finals that they have coming up. “I’m worried about finals but I think Thanksgiving will help give me a break to prepare myself,” said Taylor.

Manyy fears that Thanksgiving break will do the opposite. “I don’t really have much work,” said Manyy. “I just think that the break will make me procrastinate more with my assignments.”

Although everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving break, it appears that it will make the semester more stressful for some students.


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