Thanksgiving Break Generates Mixed Feelings

It’s that time of year when Thanksgiving break signals the end of the semester; at least for some like fifth-year senior Bartley Leneghan who took his last class of the semester earlier today, while for others the break brings the emergence of finals week.

Leneghan had previously completed the majority of his courses over four years at Marist which made him eligible to walk in last summer’s commencement ceremony giving him the opportunity for an early exit the following semester.

As Leneghan was taking his final lap around campus he said, I have so many memories here that will never get old.  It’s going to be weird coming back here as an alum.  But, everyone’s time comes.”

For Assistant Sports Information Director Milena Carrese, this break will be bittersweet.  “I get to go home for a couple of days then right back to work for the game on Sunday,” said Carresse.   “This is just the beginning of a long stretch of work that I will do pretty much all of winter break with the exception of three days that will be spent with my family for Christmas.”

Classes resume Monday December 2, 2013 which is when the grind for exam week will start according to Senior Charles Speed.  “This next semester will be my last and it couldn’t have come any sooner.”

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