Students react to newly renovated cafeteria

The newly renovated cafeteria at Marist College is not only impressing the staff but is proving to be a great change for the college. The cafeteria has been recently renovated and shows no signs of the old and dreary cafeteria that many students dreaded eating in. Students say that it resembles the Hogwarts dining hall from the well-known book and movie series, Harry Potter. With all of the wood tables and chandeliers there is not a single trace of the old yellow walls and long pasta lines that used to make up the Marist cafeteria.

Brittany Felton is a greeter at the Marist College cafeteria and explained her new experiences working in the cafeteria. “It is so nice that I don’t have to look at the old yellow walls. The cafeteria is visually appealing, and students are actually happy to swipe in and eat here.” Felton really enjoys when upperclassmen and alumni dine at the cafeteria. Felton likes to see their amazed expressions as they see the cafeteria for the first time.

“The students seem happier, and we are working on getting more upscale items in the dining hall.” Tara Dichiaro is a member of the catering staff and explained that they used to swipe in 1,500 students per meal but are now up to 2,000 or more swipes. This is directly related to the renovations which include a sushi bar, shorter lines at the pasta and sandwich stations and a more organized flow.

Tommy Moran, a senior here at Marist College dines in the dining all once a week with his friends. He lives off campus and finds cooking for himself every night to be a hassle. “I really like the new dining hall. I feel more comfortable and spend more time hanging out with my friends while I eat my meals. I usually play a couple rounds of QuizUp on my phone and catch up with my friends.”

When asked about what Marist College should add to the newly renovated dining hall one student explained he would like to listen to music while eating his meals. Ricky Brase is a member of the men’s crew team and has traveled to various schools and explains that the Marist Dining hall is too bland. “The dining hall at Clemson had TVs on the walls. I am not saying Marist should get TVs but some nice background music would be nice.”

The newly renovated dining hall has proven to meet most needs of the student and staff population. The only complaint was about the lack of character on the walls, but with the new ceramic plates and sushi bar that is not a deciding factor for sophomore, Katherine Louie who dines once a day in the dining hall. She makes the walk from her residence in Gartland Commons and enjoys the clean feel of the new cafeteria.


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