School in session for education students

While most college students desire to get away from their schoolwork on Thanksgiving break, there are some students who simply cannot remove themselves from the idea of school.

These students are the Education majors at Marist College, and on this early Monday evening, two seniors concentrating in Elementary Special Education are working on a small project for their class: Teaching Elementary Science. In class earlier today, the students were assigned homework from their teacher. Their assignment was to draw their idea of a scientist, whatever it may be.

Kristen Witkowski, a senior from, drew a picture of herself. The point, she says, was simple.

“Anyone can really be a scientist,” Witkowski said. “You don’t have to be in a laboratory; you can be a scientist anywhere.”

Classmate Alisha La Hogue felt the same way.

“The point is that everyone seems themselves as scientists,” La Hogue said. “That is what we want to teach our future students.”

Over break, both students will continue working on similar projects. For example, Witkowski has to complete a homemade science experiment due a week from today. These type of projects are common in elementary education classes. Although that means school always surrounds them, both Witkowski and La Hogue wouldn’t change their major for anything else.

“I’ve always loved helping others, and teaching all about helping students learn,” Witkowski said.

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