Marist Students Stress Over Capping

photoIt’s 5:15 p.m. on Monday November 25. Casey Niper is done with classes and could be heading home early for Thanksgiving, but instead is currently making her way to the James A. Cannavino Library to work on her capping presentation.

“It has taken over my life,”said Niper, a senior majoring in International Business at Marist College, of her capping presentation.

Niper noted that after months of working on her final capping paper, lately she finds herself at the library for hours a day, at times from early afternoon until the library’s closing time, which is 2 a.m. on most days.

At Marist many students spend the years leading up to their final capping assignment stressing over the project, and when the time comes to finally buckle down and do it, the pressure seems to consume them. Considering the assignment is a final presentation of what students have learned throughout their time at Marist, many feel a need for absolute perfection.

As the semester winds down, many seniors will be in the same position as Niper, filling the library seats as they utilize every last second they have to perfect their capping presentations before the moment of truth comes and they finally have to show their work.

“As much stress as it has caused me, seeing the finished product will be worth it,”said Niper.

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