Marist Security is on the Clock Even when you are not Here

Although many students return home to celebrate Thanksgiving with they’re families, there are several students who live great distances away and are forced to stay at school. That means if students are here, so is Marist Security.

Thanksgiving week is finally here which different things for each of us. Turkey, stuffing, pie, and football make it up for most us, but for many Marist Security officers it is a regular work day which brings many of the same issues that come up when classes are in session.

“The campus is pretty close to dead, but I think that makes the students who stay feel like they can get away with anything.” Said Joe Kitson, a Marist Security officer. “The worst I have seen was when a girl who was doing laundry bent over and a bottle of vodka fell out of her laundry basket right in front of me.”

Kitson said that there are always more than a few incidents like this every year, but who can blame them with no body on campus people need some way to entertain themselves. As for security at least they stay busy if they cannot be with their families.

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