Runner Girl: How one Marist student became a viral sensation

If you’ve been following Marist Confessions for the past year, you’ve probably heard of “Runner Girl,” a mysterious figure who shows her enthusiasm for cardio throughout campus.

But who is Runner Girl?

runner girlI walked into Belle Hettie, a sophomore more widely known by her nickname, on the first floor of Lowell Thomas just after 5:00 p.m. while she was running errands. Uncharacteristically, she was dressed in jeans and a heavy coat. She seemed a bit taken aback that I approached her, but was unsurprised that I recognized her.

Hettie began her athletic career by swimming in high school before she switched to running. Although she does not run for the Marist track team, she trains for marathons and half-marathons, having completed her first one in June at Lake Placid. She calls herself a “very long distance”runner, and runs 12-22 miles per day, sometimes doing Ultra runs, which average 30 miles. When asked why she runs so much, she said that along with training for marathons, it gives her a large amount of personal fulfillment.

On the subject of being known as “Runner Girl,” Hettie did not know that her exercise habits were going viral until her roommate showed her tweets and Marist Confessions about her. She said, ït’s cool,” but did not seem overly enthusiastic about her title.

When Hettie is not running, she double majors in Psychology and English with a concentration in writing. I wanted to know what she plans on doing with this, but she had to run.

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