Chiropractor To Potentially Join Marist Athletic Training Staff

Back, neck, and joint pain is a very common injury in all athletics as well as society in general. Here at Marist, while we have a very well established athletic training staff and facility, chiropractic treatment is something that has been missing. Recently, discussion of chiropractic trainers joining the Marist athletic training staff has surfaced. This addition is something that would greatly upgrade the pre-existing capabilities of the athletic training staff and would definitely satisfy a number of Marist athletes who continue to endure back, neck, and joint pain throughout their collegiate playing days.

“It would definitely help the athletes because they specialize in treating back and neck pain which is affecting a lot of players,” said Brandon Castelbuono, starting offensive linemen for the Marist Red Fox football team.

At 6’3″, 305 pounds Brandon Castelbuono has been plagued by back pain and injury throughout his college playing days. “I go to one almost every week,” said Brandon referring to a chiropractor. “It certainly helped in my recovery and changed my future plans, because I now plan to see a chiropractor once I’m done with college.”

Another offensive lineman for the Red Fox squad, Paul Sullivan has also endured the torment and discomfort of a back injury. Over his years of playing football, Paul has developed herniated disks from the constant pressure on his back due to his participation in contact sports.

“A chiropractor made every day life a lot more comfortable, and would always eliminate some of my pain allowing me to do more rehab and training,” said Sullivan, who agreed that the addition of a chiropractor to Marist athletic training would help other athletes in much of the same way.

By definition, chiropractic is the method of natural healing and complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of joints and spine in order to positively affect surrounding nerves, muscles, and organs.

Chiropractic treatment uses no drugs or surgery but instead involves a range of techniques in order to locate and determine the misalignments of a body which may cause other pain. These misalignments are treated through manual manipulation of the joints, massage, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, as well as other natural treatment conducted by a professional doctor. These types of manipulation and care are generally considered safe and effective with minimal risks.

The addition of a chiropractor to the Marist athletic training staff could greatly help any athlete experiencing back, neck, orjoint pain. For an already established staff, the availability of chiropractic treatment would be another improvement to Marist athletics. For a football team which is coming fresh off a victory and conference championship, this type of treatment is only another step in the right direction. While chiropractors are not quite a part of the Marist team yet, it is something to keep an eye on in the coming athletic seasons.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment.

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