Tips for Freshman Registration

While selecting classes can be stressful for any student, it seems that freshmen have the most difficult time with it. This is partially because spring registration is their first experience registering for classes, and because they are the last students who get to register, so many of the classes they need to take are full by the time it is their turn to register.

This week marks the beginning of registration for the winter and spring 2014 semesters here at Marist College. Registration opens the morning of Wednesday Nov. 6 for seniors, Friday Nov. 8 for juniors, Wednesday Nov. 13 for sophomores and Friday Nov. 15 for freshmen. The final dates for registration are Nov. 18-20 and registration officially ends on Wednesday Nov. 20 at 5 p.m.

“I am definitely excited to pick my own classes and make own schedule for the first time,” said Gabrielle Maurie, a freshman fashion merchandizing major. “At the same time I am nervous I will not get into the classes I need and I feel like I still do not understand everything about registration.”

“This is the most nervous I have been since I got here,” said freshman Megan Carey, a Psychology major. “My sister just graduated from college and she said that she got shut out of all the classes she need when she registered for the first time as a freshman. I remember when she called our mom crying after that happened.” Many other freshmen also seemed to express feeling of both nervousness and confusion about ways to stay organized during the registration process. In this time of confusion, many freshmen would welcome some simple advice to help them keep their situation in the proper perspective. To do that, upperclassmen and faculty offered their advice to freshmen.

“Make sure to meet with your advisor early on, because the longer you wait, the busier we get and you may not get a chance to meet with us and get that hold removed to be able to register,” said Dr. Veronica O’Connor, a professor and advisor in the School of Communication. “Always make sure you come to your advisor meeting with a plan and some idea of which classes you want to take, and always have questions for your advisor ready.”

“Make a few different versions of your schedule with back up classes in case you get shut out of classes you need,” said Junior Zach Goldman. “You never know how many classes you could get shut out of so make sure you have all the CRN’s written down and next to you when you register.”

“Take a good mix of classes,” said Sophomore Anthony Martin. “Do not stack your schedule with only core classes, but also do not only take classes in your major. It is important to take care of your requirements but college is a time to get a well rounded education so take full advantage of the great courses Marist has to offer.”

A common response these upperclassmen gave was that they wish they had some kind of advice column or real practical advice when they were freshmen. So there are some final tips from myself. One is to tread lightly when selecting core classes. Core classes are very important for your degree and they will most likely be taken as a freshman and sophomore, but it is important not challenge yourself too much. I understand this may be contrary to what you have been told for your academic life but the last thing you need is to have your grade point average dragged down by a class that has nothing to do with what you are doing with your professional life. So when you are picking core classes, stick with introductory and 100 level classes over classes like organic chemistry or advanced physics if they are not part of your major.

Take a wide range of classes if you are undecided. Through these classes you will discover what your interests are but get a full taste for what Marist has to offer and try out several different classes.

My final piece of advice is to use all of your resources. Your advisor is a great resource to help you decide what classes to take, but they cannot always tell you the right professor to take. That is why every student should use when making a preliminary schedule. This website provides reviews of professors by students who have taken them that can give insight into what taking that class may be like. We make a great financial investment into our educations, why not take the best professors possible for that investment and get the most out of every class.

Good luck freshmen, may all luck be with you.

Registration sign up sheet

Registration sign up sheet

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