Trending this week at #Marist: Oct. 21-28

1. Marist Football Improves to 4-1 in  Conference Play

The Red Foxes continued their solid play over the weekend, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, defeating Pioneer League opponent Stetson 27-0. Senior quarterback Chuckie Looney threw for 254 yards and added 127 yards on the ground. But the story this season has been Marist’s defense, which ranks 10th in the FCS in rushing defense, 9th in scoring defense, and 5th in sacks.

2. Marist College Center for Sports Communication

Huge week for Dr. Strudler and The Center for Sports Com as “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” teamed up with the Center and Marist Poll to explore concussions in football. The poll was also mentioned on the Today Show.

Also, another episode of ESPN The Classroom was aired, and baseball personality Bobby Valentine stopped by the Poughkeepsie campus to speak to a large crowd in the Student Center.

3. Autumn Instagrams

As another fall season is upon us and the leaves have changed color, Marist continues its dominance in the instagram-able department. Plenty of river and bridge shots to go around this week.

4. Barstool Blackout

The Barstool Blackout Team returns to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center November 1st for another installment of the Poughkeepsie show. There is plenty of buzz surrounding this semester’s event after Marist was recently named number one in the Barstool Blackout Power Rankings.


Part of the ranking that was posted by BarstoolU

Marist students will surely come out in droves for the title defense.

5. Beer Tasting at Tenney Stadium

Over 100 seniors gathered in the Hospitality Suite at Tenney Stadium to participate in a beer tasting event as part of the 2014 Senior Class Gift Program. The attending seniors raised over $1,000 for their school.

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