The Walking Dead…Foxes?

Zombies are defined as a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft. However, if I were to say the word zombie, you’d all get an image in your brains right away, and for some, it may be different than the definition above. But why have zombies become so popular in today’s society?

We see it all the time; whether it’s a post-apocalyptic movie, or a television show that focuses on zombies, or

walkers as they call them in The Walking Dead. But how prepared are we, as a whole community at Marist College, for a zombie infested world? Where are the best places to go, what are some of the best weapons to use?

First, let’s talk about weapons, and how they play a part in the zombie world. According to most zombie flicks or shows, a person becomes a zombie after death. There is sort of a common reanimation process in which the corpse just naturally turns into a zombie, regardless of any wounds to the body. So long as there is no head trauma, a corpse will turn into a zombie; which makes the only way to kill a zombie is to hit it in the head harder enough, or destroy its brain.

There are many approaches to your weapon of choice, however, it seems that which each choice comes a significant pro as well as a significant con. Take guns for instance; one immediate pro is that it only takes one shot to kill a zombie in the head, and that’s great and all. But with that one shot, you just alerted possibly hundreds of zombies and basically gave them your location. Needless to say, you’re screwed.

Now you must be thinking, “Okay, if I get a silenced gun, the zombies won’t hear the gunshots.” Well, that statement may be right, and that would be your pro, but what about ammunition? How accessible is ammunition for whatever gun you may be using. However, like before, if you run out of ammo for your gun, you’re screwed. There’s the con.

Now in The Walking Dead, which has become one of the most popular shows of the past few years, the characters are using different weapons to lower the zombie population. We’ve seen crossbows, which are silent and deadly, but like the guns, have limited ammunition. There has also been a rise in sharp blades, like katanas and machetes, as well as smaller knives. Those work great, but you better be ready for some close range combat. Finally, there are the blunt objects, like baseball bats, and a hammer.

Out of those three options, I think I would prefer to use a blade, preferably a katana just because of its length. Having a gun is also important, and I would carry one around with me for extreme measures, but I would rather be a silent killer and not attract any more enemies. The con of using a blade is that it might get dull after going through a few heads, but even a dull blade can go through a weak skinned skull of a zombie.

Now let’s think about location; is Marist College a safe place for a Zombie Apocalypse? Most people would say not really, myself included. There are obviously better places to go to stay safe from the zombie hordes, but if we were to be stuck on campus for the apocalypse, no matter how long it may be, this list might help save you. Here’s my list of the three best places to hide from zombie at Marist College.

NOTE: Keep in mind that I am talking about Walking Dead zombies, not ones that can run and climb,only because the Walking Dead has been one of the main sources of zombie thoughts in today’s society since the show started. These zombies are dumb as rocks, but they share one thing in common with other zombified corpses of other shows and movies, they are all hungry for human flesh.


Picture of Marist Chapel taken from

1.) Marist College Chapel

It’s a little ironic, isn’t it? You come to church to pray for things like a better life, and yet in the zombie apocalypse, you’d be praying for your life. It’s a little hard to imagine staying in a chapel to avoid the zombies, but if you think about it, it’s one of the safest places on campus. There are no windows for zombies to climb through, and the roof is too high to climb. There are two entrances, which mean it is easy to guard and bunker up. However, you’re basically trapping yourself inside. Overall, it’s safe and easy to manage, which is why it makes my list at number one.

2.) Fontaine Annex

Picture taken from Poughkeepsie Journal

Picture of Fontaine Annex taken by Poughkeepsie Journal

What else is the building good for, aside from storage? It’s built for a zombie apocalypse! Easy to manage, small, compact, not many ways inside, are all factors that make this a good place to hide out. I don’t know if there’s anything in there that will help keep you alive, like food and water, but if you supply it, the Annex will hold it for you. Senior James Pareti, a building manager for College Activities at Marist, said that the Annex would be his ideal survival base. “Fontaine Annex has enough space to accommodate a good amount of people and it is small enough that I can maintain a high level of security,” he said. “There’s also a vault in case it gets real bad, and there is an emergency exit facing route 9 in case I needed to leave quickly.”

3.) Upperclass Housing

This final area spans the whole upperclassman side of campus. Lower West, Upper West, and all Fulton houses are quite suitable for

Picture taken from

Photo Credit to Marist College (Middle Fulton)


Photo Credit to Marist College (Upper West)

zombie protection. You’d obviously have to watch out for windows on the bottom floor, but you are able to flee to a second or possibly third floor so that the deceased don’t see or hear you. It’s also easy enough to move if you feel your position has been compromised. Not to mention the kitchen downstairs, these townhouses have ability to cook, so long as you’ve got power going to the appliances. You can also fit a lot of people in these houses since there are so many of them, although not enough for all of the students thanks to Marist’s Housing Crisis. Senior Shaun Cairns, who is a criminal justice major at Marist, said that his optimal spot to survive the zombie outbreak would be the V block of Upper West. “If you need to, you can hop out the windows and onto Jazzman’s Cafe,” he said. “You need to have two exits, plus Jazzman’s offers the ability to get food if you need it.”

 Overall, I think if you had to stay at Marist for a few days, or maybe a week of a zombie apocalypse, it’s doable. However, I don’t think Marist is a suitable long-term solution to surviving. You’re better off going somewhere safer, or somewhere you know you can survive the zombies longer.

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