Drink locally this fall at Hyde Park Brewing Company

A sampling of Hyde Park Brewing Company’s 6 beers on tap.

Hyde Park Brewing Company says, “Anytime is a good time for a beer,” and after drinking Hyde Park’s beers, the drinkers agree.

According to CraftBeer.com, the average American lives within 10 miles of a brewery. For many, breweries are an untapped resource, as they are unaware of their existence, and this seems to be the case for many Poughkeepsie residents. The Hyde Park Brewing Company is located on Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, and offers various beers made in-house along with a full menu of food and cocktails, making the brewery a “brewpub”.

In a time when people can purchase beer with the spare change they find in their couch cushions, well-made beer has become an under appreciated commodity. Hyde Park Brewing Company outlines their brew process on their website, describing how they mill, boil, and ferment their hand-picked ingredients on their premises to create distinct beers using British, Belgian, and German Malts.

Angela Barone, the owner of the Hyde Park Brewing Company, said, “We always have 6 beers on tap and carry about 16 different beers throughout the year.” Barone continued to say that the brewery produces over 800 barrels of beer a year, which is big for small, local brewery.

Hyde Park Brewing Company features a variety of beers, which are all made at the brewery itself. The brewery’s menu includes several choices of light beers, red ales, and they always has a dark beer on tap. A Hyde Park Brewing Company waitress cited that their Big Easy Blonde and Winkle Lager are the most popular beers amongst customers, which are two of the lighter beer selections on the menu.

Kerri Boccard, a 21-year-old Marist student who visited the Hyde Park Brewery said, “I’m so used to drinking cheap beer all the time, it’s nice to have a good beer for once.” Boccard went on to say that the Rough Rider Red was her favorite of the beers she sampled, pointing out that she found it the most flavorful.

The brewery offers several deals perfect for the broke college student. A favorite amongst all customers seems to be the beer sampling, giving beer enthusiasts the opportunity to taste 4-ounce samplings of all 6 of their brews for only $12. The Hyde Park Brewing Company’s website also points out the deals they offer on different days of the week, including $11 pitchers on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, happy hour specials Monday-Friday from 4 pm-7 pm, and different specific brew specials throughout the week. Barone also mentioned that the brewery hosts a trivia night every Thursday, a perfect event for students. And there is no need to worry about drinking and driving, as you can’t miss the breweries posters for Safe Ride, offering rides to people who have consumed too much alcohol.

Hyde Park Brewing Company not only offers a wide variety of delicious beers, but also has a full menu of food to choose from. According to Ali Klaben, another 21-year-old Marist student, she would return just for the food, pointing out that they make a great burger for a good price.

The Hyde Park Brewing Company is the perfect place for both of-age local students and Duchess County residents to come for a change of pace, where they can enjoy locally brewed beer and entertainment.


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