Local students, businesses enjoy last weeks of summer weather

The official first day of fall is still a little over two weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped many Marist students from enjoying the last-minute summer weather in the opening weeks of school.

Students were greeted with weather they would see around the first day of summer. Temperatures reached into the 90s, with humidity pushing the heat to almost 100 degrees.

This was just one day in a string of several in the opening weeks of school. Classes have started, but the hot weather has students putting away their homework and bringing out beach chairs and sunscreen.

“It’s just beautiful out,” senior Josh Helm said as he enjoyed the afternoon by the Hudson River with his friends. “How can we be expected to do school work on a day like today?”

The majority of students felt the same way, and despite the blistering heat, the campus greens were packed with students playing Frisbee, sunbathing, or enjoying a picnic lunch. Some even brought their homework outside, attempting some productivity on a typical lazy day.

The summer is supposed to be over, and students are supposed to focus on their school work and extra-curricular activities, not deciding where the best spot on campus is to get a tan.

Junior Dan Cody understands why many students are feeling the urge to blow off their work for sunny skies. Cody lived at Marist over the summer, and he enjoyed many beautiful days along the river.

“The campus is built for days like today. The way it overlooks the river, and with all the green areas, students are more likely to just want to be outside and having a good time, even if they have a lot of work to do,” Cody said.

The nice weather has also brought several local businesses customers they would normally see during the summertime. Tropical Smoothie Café manager Emily Deering says that the popular smoothie spot has seen more Marist students than normal at the beginning of the year.

“At the beginning of the year, I feel like students are too busy to go exploring off campus and find cafes and restaurants like us,” Deering said. “But we’ve seen a ton of Marist kids coming in here, both students who have heard of us and those who haven’t. I think the weather has a lot to do with that; who wouldn’t want a smoothie with the type of warm weather we’ve been having?”

Greg Losco, a cashier at Stewart’s Shop, known for decades for its ice cream, says that Marist students, while known for coming into the popular store to buy scratch tickets, have also been leaving now with large ice creams as well.

“Sometimes they use the money they win to actually buy the ice cream,” Losco said, chuckling. “But seriously, with the kind of cool, summer nights we’ve been having lately, a lot of students, both from Marist and the Culinary [Institute of America] have been coming in every night for ice cream.”

The CIA has the same Hudson River-backdrop campus as Marist, and students there are also enjoying their time in the summer sun.

“With us, it’s harder to get outside because our classes are longer and we obviously have to be inside to cook,” Jordan DiDonato, a CIA sophomore from Reading, MA, said. “But whatever time we have, we try to enjoy it outside. This area is too nice to not take advantage of when the weather is this good.”

Soon, this hot weather will eventually go away until the summer season rolls in again. But for the time being, students in the Hudson Valley are taking full advantage of the weather while it continues to grace them with its presence.


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