Summer 2013, how did it affect your mood?

Redhook, New York on a beautiful September day!

Redhook, New York on a beautiful September day!

Did anyone have to reschedule, postpone, or even cancel their vacation and time in the sun this summer? If you did, then you are definitely not alone! For many people, this summer proved to cause quite the upset throughout the community.

Many college students look forward to the summer as a time to relax, catch up with old friends, and spend some time vacationing, but this summer affected all of that, and if you think that the bad feelings stopped there, then you will be surprised. It has been shown that the weather has a strong influence on how people operate throughout their day. This summer did not prove that theory wrong because many individuals reflect, and comment on how this summer made them grumpy, tired, lethargic, and just outright angry!

The weather is infamously known for affecting people and their mood when the sun is not shinning, or when the rain is hammering on their roofs. College student Andrea Hartman from Radnor, PA speaks about her summer, “this summer my vacations got either canceled or postponed, traffic made commuting to work hectic and stressful, and the limited amount of sun made for less time outside sitting by my pool and relaxing.” The weather this summer did affect everyone with either their vacations plans, or their state of mind. Every summer, kids are excited and looking forward to hitting the beach, maybe taking long trips with their family’s, but the weather this summer made that impossible for many individuals. “We belong to a beach club and would go if it didn’t rain, but with all the bad weather, we really did not get to go to as often as we had liked” Merle Brenner, a therapist from New York City touched on her disappointing summer plans.

Hartman, “my beach days were ruined for the most part this summer. Who wants to be at the beach in the rain? And having limited time for vacationing with my job I was extremely disappointed when I had to cancel a short beach trip with my friends, or long vacation with my family in S. C. I was expecting this summer to be busy, but I also expected time to relax and sit in the sun, and that just was not an option.”

Arya Zand, 23, of N.Y., N. Y. is a college student who claimed that this summer was nothing special, and definitely did not meet his expectations. He related to many when his summer plans had to be changed due to weather predicaments, “the weather was highly uncharacteristic, it ruined my beach plans at my house in the Hampton’s and travel was either rescheduled, or canceled due to the inclement weather.” He continues, “my summer was interesting because even though the weather was horrible; the company I kept and the people I met were the real deciding factors on my outlook”, but some people are not this positive when it comes to gloomy weather.

Brenner adds her professional opinion on the weather and how people are affected. When approached with the question regarding the weather and individual’s mood changes she responded, “Definitely! Seasonal weather patterns affect moods such as Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD. I sometimes feel heavy and lethargic when the weather is gloomy and rainy. There is something chemical that happens.” Zand explains, “the weather did affect my mood, I was slightly lethargic when the sky was gray and the rain was pouring down, but I tried to make the best of my situation and just stay positive” remarks Zand.

Hartman mentions, “Working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. doesn’t give you much time outside, and on the weekends it was extremely hot or rainy. There really was no in between! The weather was not ideal for me this summer because of working, and also the amount of rain and lack of sun we had. I was definitely more lethargic and grumpy this summer because the sun rarely came out, and my plans for my vacations days were ruined and I ended up just sitting at home.” Some people may not have been as lucky as Zand to have such a positive outlook on such dingy and miserable weather during the summer months, but the correlation between weather patterns and mood changes in individuals was apparent.


One thought on “Summer 2013, how did it affect your mood?

  1. Marissa—I would have loved for you to find some experts on the real relationship between weather and mood to supplement your quotes from people who just experienced it firsthand. Take a look at how to set up attributions of quotations, or come talk to me about it. There are some awkward ones in here that make it hard to follow the flow of your story.

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