Recent changes in weather is giving joggers on the Walkway Over The Hudson mixed feelings

Why did the lady go out doors with her purse open? Because she expected some change in the weather. Many are seeking this change because as of late, the weather in Poughkeepsie has been rather unusual with temperatures both hot and cold every other day of the week.

Normally, these temperatures signal the beginning of fall which isn’t for another 12 days. Fall brings colder temperatures, which means for some, a bad thing; especially the daily joggers on the Walkway over the Hudson. The walkway stands 212 feet tall and 1.28 miles long and is the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.

“I don’t really like running with a lot of clothing,” says Janet “it makes me feel heavier while I run when I’d much rather feel more free, so the warmer the better.” The recent change in weather has caused runners to both gather warmer clothing stored away, and to visit the nearest athletic department in order to purchase these essentials.

The interesting thing about Poughkeepsie is the weather has a reputation for being bipolar. Instead of the normal warm mornings and cool evenings, there has been a fair share of the opposite this past week and according to the 5 day forecast on the Weather Channel, Poughkeepsie residents will experience a mix between high and low temperatures starting on Wednesday and into the weekend.

The forecast goes as follows:

Wednesday, Sept.11 is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of 90 degrees with a low of 70 degrees.

This is the deck temperature for September 11, 2013.

This is the deck temperature for September 11, 2013.

Things are expected to cool down a bit on Thursday, Sept. 12 with a high of 81 degrees and a low of 61 degrees with a 60 percent chance of rain and expected evening thunderstorms. Temperatures are expected to drop even more on Friday, Sept. 13 with a high of 69 degrees and low of 46 degrees. Saturday, Sept.14 is expected to have a high of 66 degrees and a low of 42 degrees. Finally to end the weekend, Sunday Sept. 15 is projected to have a high of 67 degrees and a low of 46 degrees.

“I like to walk the bridge with my children Matt, age 4 and Monica, age 3,” said Carol. “Seeing that the weather is going to be relatively cool is such a relief. I don’t take them on the bridge when it’s too hot or too cold.”

Everyone who walks the bridge has his or her own preference when it comes to which temperature is ideal for their exercise and like Carol, some will not continue their usual exercise because of weather conditions. On the other hand, there are those who don’t let the weather stop them but, they’re in their own category. “Feeling comfortable is ultimately important when it comes to running. If I don’t feel comfortable I can’t do it and with cold weather I just really don’t feel as comfortable,” said Derrick Powell, former track and field athlete at Marist College.

When asked about the forthcoming cold weather, Steve B. said, “This is my kind of weather. This is when I really feel awake because the cold forces me to produce heat from my body. I love the strength that running brings to my body so I am always looking to challenge it in these temperatures and the walking bridge is a great place to do so.”

For now, Poughkeepsie residents will get to enjoy a mix of warm and cool temperatures and won’t have the serious need for warmer clothing until the later end of the month and into October where temperatures drop.


One thought on “Recent changes in weather is giving joggers on the Walkway Over The Hudson mixed feelings

  1. Albert—I like that you tried to go for a punchy opening with a (I assume intentionally) bad joke. I’d like to see some more coherence to the story as a whole though. There is some good stuff in here, but when you devote a full paragraph to day-by-day weather forecasts, you’re going to lose some readers who are interested in the bigger story. Also, be sure to identify everyone by first and last name.

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