Poughkeepsie residents make the most of the final days of the summer

The green leaves on these trees will soon become multicolored as autumn approaches,

The green leaves on these trees will soon become multicolored as autumn approaches,

With the new school year in full swing, summer is in its final days, and the beginning of autumn is fast approaching. As we look back and reflect on the summer of 2013, many of us will say we were to busy this summer or the summer went by too quickly and they wish it did not have to end. Although the end of the summer is near, the sunny skies and warm temperatures are expected to last until Friday according to the weather channel. This begs the question, what will people do to enjoy the final days of summer?

“I plan on squeezing every last second I can out of this summer.” Said Poughkeepsie resident Tisha Phillips. “I am on my way to pick up my two kids from school and then I am taking them to the pool.” Phillips continued. Ms. Phillips was not alone; the public pool was filled with people trying to make the most of their last few days of summer.

“As far as I am concerned, it is still summer if the leaves are still green.” Said Sheryl Thomas, another patron of the Poughkeepsie public pool. “I just want my daughter to enjoy this weather before I have to bundle her up in a winter coat.” Thomas continued. Along with swimming, people are enjoying other outdoor activities during these final days of summer.

“I just took the day off to take my family to the beach and now I am buying burgers for a cookout.” Said Bill Gavman a Poughkeepsie resident shopping at Stop and Shop. “This is my last chance to grill before the weather gets bad and I have to put it away.” Gavman is not ready to trade the t-shirt, shorts, and sandals he was wearing for long pants, boots, and a coat just yet. “I work all year to get to spend this time of year with my family, I want to make the most of this time of year that I can.”

While many like to use these days to enjoy typical summer activities like swimming and cooking out, other people like to use these final days of summer to prepare for the autumn and winter that lie ahead. “I like to use this time to change the tires on my car, make sure my snow blower is in working order, and make sure there is nothing wrong with the heat in my house.” Said John Calen. “If I do these things now, I do not have to worry about them during the winter, and with the kids back in school there really is not much we can do during these last days of summer.” Calen continued. While many parents have the same outlook as Calen where there are very few activities left to do while your kids are in school, other parents have a completely different outlook.

“I love these first couple weeks of school.” Says Sarah Leshland, a mother of two. “During the summer I am running around all over the place with my kids, but while they are in school I can take some time to sit outside and read a book or go for a walk, it is only to bad that it only lasts for a couple of weeks.” Although the end of the summer is near, people still find ways to make the most of this time in the sun. So before you put away the sun block and sunglasses, take some time and enjoy the last few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. If you do not, it will be several months before you get another chance.


One thought on “Poughkeepsie residents make the most of the final days of the summer

  1. Michael—The writing here isn’t bad, but this is clearly a case of your not really knowing where to go with the story, and just randomly interviewing people. That said, I’m glad you did the reporting. Two items to watch out for as we move into the graded section of the course: you’ve got an introduction here instead of a lead. And you’re putting periods—full stops— at the end of quotations but before the attribution. You should replace those with commas.

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